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Lot of heat and cold smart drug stuff probably come up there we're going to do with dom doug estino soon and that's going to get into a lot of kito steph we've already done a great one with ron krause and that's going to touch on all the staten stuff a tough aji yeah we'll probably have to well we actually did we does the sabbatini when no but we've got the other mit ones that get no yeah greg monitor yeah am i i think we've got a little bit yeah so we've got some great stuff there we do need to probably do a dedicated aibo e one and i think we'll definitely get into exercise in fact i'm going to be speaking with mark and chris bell the summer it's because we don't know when this is actually going to be release so i guess we're to release this one early so that what i'm saying makes sense but so with martin chris bell i'm sure i'll have plenty of chance to talk about exercise especially around strength training purchasing things like that so i think we got is there any other question that we need to get at before we either go make shaker good i think hopefully we'll do more of these so we can reload do some more all right man well thank you for compiling all of these my pleasure i loved being able to not have to pay attention to any of those questions on twitter new knowing that you were you were you were caught oh that's the one one quick thing with with it's funny because i think everybody goes through this where they think i'm getting office social media i'm getting off twitter i'm getting off facebook it's just it's doing me no good and need to just you know like the first question i need to get back out into nature i think this is doing more harm than good and distraction and then peter says you're gonna need to get on this twitter start handling these questions and these the twitter wars and things like that but really was a pleasure like all the questions that you got word i don't want to all of them but most of them at least we're excellent and i'm just i'm looking at the master list and there is stuff there's nad and nicotinamide right beside and terrace still being oh god we've got all that stuff so many d and eighty plus so you've shielded me for most of these questions mostly yes all right well maybe we'll figure out take a look at what you've got here versus there and we can decide if this is something we should be doing quarterly or what's the frequency with which we could do 'em as i mean i think we got a lot of sort of nothing burger questions out of the way that probably don't come up again like racecar driving questions and childhood questions but from there all right man willison thank you very much and thank you everybody for submitting your questions i hope that this format made sense and wasn't a complete.

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