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Most in the nfl. Can you want me to do on that. You absolutely detest hate detest second long runs and when you're offensive line is bad. You know what i hate. Second long runs that lead to third and long. Yeah and the bengals in the guru. Zack taylor leads the nfl. In second in six plus runs quickly. I don't. I don't consider second and six to be second. Yeah two eight nine second eight and longer. Yeah most in the nfl. Sometimes like you know something but you don't want these statistical evidence ritu already now. Okay maybe another teams worse right. No you just made me feel even worse. Do once a week to test once a week. That's what i'm trying to do. I mean he's got to lead the planet of second ten runs right. Yes another percent ten away from. Four o'clock taylor's press conference coming up in just about fifteen minutes. We'll do more on the bearcats over indiana coming up here in just a bit More on joe borough as well we do have to talk about what was top to bottom pretty decent day for the bengals defensively a lot to get to their when we come back. It's the tony. Football show here twin peaks and florence till six o'clock on espn fifteen thirty cincinnati sports station assistant tuning and move football show. Why from twin peaks in florence. Not you in part by encore technologies visit encore dot tech the gutter magician make all your gutter cluttered disappear onto east and hyundai east powered with an dealer mitsuko plumbing. Don't go to the average joe. Comex gold first stint back. You're at home with us. Cincinnati bell. Imagine the possibilities in. Everyone had fiber internet from cincinnati. Bell built tomorrow powering. you're connected life today. Visit cincinnati bell dot com superior honda superior store dot com symbolism fury life center changing lives through organ and tissue donation and by arendal global logistics delivering domestic and international transportation services visit rl global dot com. This cincinnati's espn. Fifteen thirty. the official home of bengals for four. Espn fifteen thirty. Allegra with tony pike. It's the tony romo. Football show posted up as we are every single monday at two twin peaks here in florence. Bengals lose yesterday afternoon to the ashikaga pairs twenty two seventeen. Cincinnati is getting set to play the pittsburgh steelers on sunday. A game. you obviously here live on. Espn fifteen thirty. We have a lot more to get to with yesterday's game. And i really feel like the bearcat game on saturday. There was a lot of stuff that we have to discuss. We have a lotta time to do all that. We're here till six o'clock before we do anything though it's time tony. You're ready for zach. Taylor's monday afternoon. Press conference trying for the sec. Dealer press conference brought to you in part by your local climate mr dealers on espn fifteen. Thirty official home of the bengals. What were you conversations with him. Post game and door today about just vanity game itself. Yeah we we just kind of decompress the game. It's always walk off the field after any loss Feeling awful and everything went wrong in you. Watch it and you can see just where we can make some corrections In regards to the interceptions he threw. It has really to to a really good place by the defenders. One of them my roquan smith. You know we've all lot. Backers are usually about a foot away and he made that play the other one. Jalen johnson made a decision to jump out and the timing was good. The route was good. He just made a decision. I'm gonna jump this route. And he did it and you know so. You don't want to overreact those things. Obviously it's turnovers. Kill you where they happen. One of them. We had the flow there in the third quarter. Were down ten to three. And the first one was picked for touchdown second one. We were backed up a little bit and picked it off and then the third one really was just protection. Miscue where he got his through so i mean you can say all day threw three picks hit as he threw it in the defensive tackle picked off so i don't put that one on him but you just continue to learn from him anything you can take from those and move on and you know we got a big on this week so we're going to move on quickly. Have you ever seen a sequence of plays like that at your football life. You know sometimes when it rains a pours a little bit. We just do job on the road managing the situation. But you know that's just part of football and and you have to not overreact to it and we had three turn up four turnovers and four straight possessions and our guys didn't panic They just kept focus there. There's time left for us still win this game. They believed that went down and scored a touchdown gotta turnover and scored another touchdown. And then we're one-stop away from having the ball with opportunity to get a field goal to citizen over time. I don't think anybody would have thought that nine minutes fourth quarter but there were and we just didn't panic zag joe. Joanna talked about yesterday about maybe not taking enough shots and maybe stressing the defense a little. Bit more vertically. What did you make their comments post game and do you feel like maybe you did wait too late or do you feel like get based on the game script you guys attack downfield the appropriate south real sharks called sometimes the coverage takes away the running game going effect that loosen up the defense Maybe even more so than taking some shots. It was kind of a bit of a funny run game yesterday because he ended up with twenty carries for sixty yards and really. We felt like we'd really good balanced twenty runs twenty passes on first second down and there were there was only one negative run and so a lot of two and three yard runs in our. And your your your really close to break those for sixty seven and being in better situations there so none of the runs really hurt us. But we didn't have enough really good ranch. We just had some some that. Just got us a couple of two three four yards there and again. It's usually just one little thing away. It's not so much what they're doing but just the things that we can improve on ourselves and so again it was. It was just a twenty carry for sixty yards where we felt like there was. There was a little bit more meat on the bone than than what we ended up getting. Those are just some things were going to prove on. I'm kind of mention you guys ran against some light boxes and hoped that those would hit for more than they would. Is that kind of the frustrate work. 'cause you waste not waste to down. I should say that you use it on a running. Play when you're supposed to when you're trailing and you had because you have a light box you don't take advantage of is that kinda doubly critical to you just have to at that. Yeah our expectation. Level are standard when we face some of those boxes. We have to capitalize on and and again. It's early in the season. We know we're going to get into rhythm here in have a great running game. There was just a couple of missed opportunities in that regard in this game. What do you want the offense of identity to be that we can build off over. Run it you know and still be able to have an official run game that really challenges people so they got put extra guys in the box and then take advantage of playmakers that we have on the perimeter. You look at what's been going on your pass protection last week. You had said that the number five sacks wasn't really telling about the offensive line play when you look at the nine hits that joe chuck. Did you read that out and bowling up on that. You gave credit to chicago's defensive front. Obviously the road doesn't get easier. Pittsburgh's defensive fronts. I guess. Are you planning to manage What what happens on sunday day. Get ready.

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