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Commit crime we'll run through you like sherman through georgia. That's that's amazing. That makes sense. And i love that but i feel like you may be have had to have developed a keener i to to identify a crook because in most states in the union if you see someone with their shirt off right Under the wrong circumstances your antenna immediately go up right but in florida. It's the state of not rocking. Your shirt that's part of the culture down there. So how do you identify crook from just a good time having tourist when you're you're on patrol but one thing that makes all that easy is croat's only have about five brain cells And all of them are never working at the same time you toss him a puzzle saying when you look and you see them you know you know they're morons on method i call them and they're easy to spot and they just do dumb stuff they just dumb stuff. I mean they'll do stuff like still guns and then new cell fees and posted on social media the run-up down here you know it's share of. I'd like to challenge you. What's what's the point of stealing a gun. Yeah world on social media. You know well. Of course i've got this gun. I just got out of new york. I'm in florida vacation. You lebron probation. What can i say and to your credit to. Isn't polk county one of the larger counties in florida it's between like tampa and orlando correct Geographically we're thousand square miles right while populations little over seven hundred thousand and bait and were spread out. You know most people you know they bill from the city centre out ourselves building from the county line in and as a result. We've got huge developments. Spread all over the four corners of this two thousand square miles right. Crime can't escape the i. I'll be driving through a pasco county multiple times fourth of july week. So they've got family and hillsborough a married into hillsborough and pasco county and brother and sister-in-law in orange county. So i'll be back and forth through polk county. Well you'll be safest one you're in polk county because we sure if what is your and that's it that's very interesting. We noticed that polk counties is account. And we don't honestly cover that often unless we're talking about you and how how your administering your special and unique brand of justice but we love your press conferences. We think they're fantastic is era. What's what's the secret sauce. What's your recipe for justice. Would you say and how does that differ from others. Well i think it's following the law. I think it's wanting to keep the community safe. you know. there's not a week goes by. Somebody doesn't tell me that. Hey i moved from new york. I moved from from I guess new jersey connecticut is the one this week. They said we didn't know where we wanted to move. But we looked at the crime rate and we looked at who the sheriff wise. And we'd look at where we thought we'd be safe. And that's why we came to polk county and i think the magic to this as i tell people the truth i say what most people are thinking all the time hand. The reality is if you wanna be a thug in a crook you wanna do stupid stuff and get away with to portland oregon. They seem to like it out there. Speaking your press conferences. I wonder if criminals like ever like are like. Oh shit i got arrested grady judd. Because they get they get really insulted in these press conferences and rightfully so. Do you remember this guy. He's he's a large man to remember this guy he's Here's part of one of the operations. Do for child pornography bust. I think you've done many of them. I forget what it's called but A lot of the child porn guys off the streets here. So here's what's going to. We're gonna. I'm gonna play what you said about. He weighs in at a slim five hundred twenty pounds and he didn't fit in the cars but he does fit in the county jail and we will feed him. Well is f freestyle or broza budget. Or how's he doing. That can eat himself to death. I don't know i don't know where he is. You know when he asks from four chickens for lunch with all that was a little much he he. He's one of the what we call. You're sick puppies series. Sheriff can you get a sound buddy. You think puppies place 'cause lobbies sick puppies grow up. Be sick dogs the end up to be dogs in prison. You know what i'm saying. We is the we'd go after sexual predators online that are trying to attack our children. We go after those that are trying to victimize young ladies and make them victims of human trafficking. We go after drug dealers. We go after gang bangers in trying to shoot up you know kids in neighborhoods at our folks in polk county to like that. They like to know that. In fact i was. I was at an event last night where we're gonna do a press conference about it later on and some of the gang bangers one of the selfie women were at a crime scene. But i think. I'll take pictures with him to the opposite. They wanna get arrested in polk county. It's amazing to me that that i will have people in jail. Tell me. I want my picture away. Now they're inmates in my county jail and i'll tell them it's no problem. You behave when you get out of jail. Come in the front door the office and make an appointment and i'll get my pichu you and they do and i do you know about you know out. I'll give him a pitcher with with whoever wants. My speaking of that sheriff judd plans to run for any type of office besides sheriff in the future Given all this we're talking about. Everybody likes getting their picture. Taken with the and all that Do you have your eyes on any other offices. Well i thought about emperor of the world. Okay you on moscow's that right. He's he's going for it. But i don't have enough money to compete with alon must so nah The truth is i have been offered the opportunity to run for house of representatives to run for the senate. You know what people don't understand is what i really am as a street cop.

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