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We got another statement from the sheriff's office the Harris County sheriff's office had no role in an independent judges decision to release this specific in me and that's true this week we learned the sheriff asked for thirty five releases they all appear to be a misdemeanor defendants the DA's office didn't want this to happen either no this was the decision of one judge this one does Sean Jones he's got a fancy website even a section for arranging speaking engagements but he still hasn't gotten back to us charged with murder and you released him knowing that he murdered my son and I felt like that my son is like man nothing that's what I felt that's channel to your Houston KPRC TV Houston credit for that story but let me ask you a question what is your mindset one at a time of suppose a crisis when at a time when folks are frightened already the first thing you can think of is let's open the jail cells let's open the prisons so that really bad people can be unleashed on our society when we already had him in a spot where we could prevent them from hurting people we already had in there justifiably so what's going through your mind when you find ways to sympathize with bad gas over the innocent public I'm all for civil liberties I am in fact for the average Republican I'm pretty far left on the issue because I'm much more of a libertarian I think we criminalize too many things I think we put too many people in cages and that doesn't make him any better I think we take a lot of these non violent crimes in we may come to serious we say we don't want you to use drugs because drugs are bad for you drugs are run your life so if you use drugs we catch you will ruin your life for you we'll put you in a cage where you'll never be able to work again because nobody wants to hire a felon well that's my view on most of prison but you got guys that are committing murders and rapes guys that have a rap sheet a mile long guys that have shown a steadily escalating trend toward worse and worse crimes you don't let these people out the folks these aren't aberrations these are what this is how the Democrats feel we should never lose elections to them ever.

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