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It was hard sometimes to to kind of keep finding things to talk about if you went also sometimes the notes provided about the story lines stuff we kind of and it's in spanish. Obviously so you kind of having to piece stuff together but again you skill so what you learn during that is essentially how to fill time how to talk nonsense. You keep the entry going when not much is going on when you know tightly. She'll what is happening. And so you just kind of learned that professionalism to Still sound like your income of the of the broadcast and find something interesting today in. That helps you out later because if fuel everyone does it if you're a commentator than sometimes you might be helpful imagine the sole e robot to say like flies out of your head and use your mind suddenly guys blank but always got something then. You can always just kind of out worse as the play by play commentator you can you. Can you know you kind of think of forgotten what i was about to say i can just reverted to actually describing the action in front of me while i think that brilliant point i was about to make you so you can kind of back and forth. But that's a skill is a skill and you learn from. I learned it from during damaged like a hundred hours of see amila Aaa new japan biter as well which was awesome. Yeah but to do a lot of that stuff in in post production sometimes only sometimes with With it helps. It really helps you live stuff as well because you have to learn out to keep going even when you've got really nothing to say. Oc at the back of that. You took a break because obviously you're doing your masters degree in florida. More memory says how was living in florida. Was that like wicked. Was it completely american. College culture these sales xabi. That's why i wanted. But i had. It's twenty eight then. I still haven't quite grown out of american college. Tv show well as i. I wanna live like that while. I'm still vaguely young. So i went into when degree i went to a big university florida. Which is one of the big southern universities. Huge american football team plays in stadium with ninety thousand fans. Every man i loved it it was just like it was the academic stuff was bit boring but like the the experience of being out there and believing that lifestyle for awhile was just was really. Yeah it was really cool. I will say that the florida climate is not really suited to a white english boy. Because i was just like why would find is hobbies incredibly humid. You'd find i. Would you know volcano a house. Party say that was two blocks from where i lived. I would show up. And i'll be sorry dripping sweat just from like a five minute. Walk to someone's house. Will everyone else least radio by droid raining. Outside ignores you're stupid weather is humid out of their vertu..

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