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The Texas legislature the born alive. Abortion Bill now heads to governor abbots desk for his signature chief sponsor, state Representative Jeff Leach says the Bill guarantees that a baby that survives an attempted abortion will receive medical care, or the doctor and other clinic personnel could go to prison make no mistake. These are babies who are alive. The breathing. The crying, they're moving their longing for and needing help opponents say there is not been a baby born alive following a botched abortion in Texas, and stay started keeping records in two thousand thirteen and they say this is just a ruse to intimidate doctors and did not working at abortion clinics. Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has reportedly reached a forty four million dollar settlement with women who accused him of sexual assault, according to the Wall Street Journal board members of his former film studio and the New York attorney general's office of reaching agreement on a deal that will reportedly include thirty million dollars in cash for the alleged victims as well as former company employees creditors and lawyers. Well don't look now but the Toronto Raptors are now in control of the Eastern Conference finals. They earned a one zero five to ninety nine win over the boxing game five in Milwaukee last night, colline, Leonard piled up thirty five points for the raptors who lead the best of seven series, three games to two Toronto can close it out at home in game six on Saturday, the winner of the series. Advances to face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals. Well, you would think that baby boomers would be the first to adopt legal marijuana, but that's not the case. Adrienne Mitchell, a Bloomberg has this info, GAP's report, younger consumers, are helping to fuel a boom, in cannabis gen Z is a lot more relaxed about marijuana, and it's a key market for products that go beyond pot. Cowan analyst Vivian as early says products made with CBD, cannabis.

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