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Have kids how is this program i just kind of hopping right here for a second how are they going to be able to afford a house with the upkeep and everything that they have to do that they barely campaigned and brent at a at an apartment let me just say like this and then we'll move on we've got to release the whole pro out in the public and i gave you actually a snippet bic released the full detail plan so that we have everything laid out for the public to see it actually does work and these are things that congressman congresswomen can do on day one but most times congress one you elected to congress you come focus on big the big picture and by and because you're focusing on the big picture the lure person the everyday american that don't get involved into politics that it's not watching fox news they're not even listening to your radio program there on a majority that's blaspheming past the buzz that's blasphemy passed i gotta go to break can you hold on i gotta get to your program that's the apis let me go to break you we're gonna hold put you on hold and we don't come back to you and other side you're locked in to the joe locke at show.

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