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I remember realizing that anytime. There was like When it was all the china white in the late eighties that when it was around if people start dropping dead all the other junkies are they getting well. That's true and there was a joke in new jersey. When i was there. Were you know junkies would watch the evening news to see because it would say you know today in whatever county or four overdoses and then the next morning everybody would there be there for the morning shift to pick up that it's crazy so it's free advertising you like you know you really saw you really in the shit and saw that stuff kind of it must've like whatever you had to process once you got hold of sobriety. Must've been heavy. yeah. I think so but Where they cost friends. Many of them are just people that you knew in the lab. I know i've known a few close friends But the people i saw were not just running buddies. That you know yeah. Yeah yeah yeah people you saw at the place where yeah you know that guy you know he and i ran around for like three weeks together right and then you know Wow man so did you ever meet larry clark. No i never did now. He's still alive but i talked to him. I'd listened to that. Yeah yeah as hard to hard to wrangle. That one guy i was i was there with you. I was very excited for that when it was a tough one to keep bounds but But i'm a. I'm a huge fan man. I'd love to interesting guys who have there. There's so much hustle to them. Yeah yeah so. I got the real story. Then he got the hustle. Got the hustle that they're pulling on you right right you know. He's a pro man. I mean that's like you know he's the real deal you know This life that we're talking about and you know and he's been around a long time. I was actually the day looking There's a few photos of from tulsa for sale. And i you know. I mean he must have done editions of that. Yeah yeah i think. I've got a reprint of the book. Yeah i just bought a first edition you but you know i wanted to buy. My buddy has one of the original prints and And i want one How much they go for twenty twenty. It seems reasonable to make sure you know Yeah and so was really thinking about it. I don't know. I gotta get you know good paying gig and all by myself but yeah man you gotta you gotta go meet larry to y'all know where he's he's in europe or something. I have no idea those guys again. They're they're they're always taken care of by a strange contingent of of money you know and weirdness. Yeah they're like always i can. I don't know how they get around the world so buchatsky you know always carrying the it's it's true it's true you know. Near of he'd go to europe they be celebrated right. Yeah right here Same with like abel ferrara sale. Really yeah yeah. He's over in rome right now. They have these patrons. It seems like someone takes. I wonder institutions or individuals. Or how it works. You know man. I i i wish i knew. Yeah me might be one of those guys you might find out just like you found out about the drugs game. How one lives.

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