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On a does, she was very fast a really fast. An areva sexual, and it's only talks ours producers I'd ask the question America be or two runs have been on the all weather wizard be effective on turf. We're talking at haven for. She shows on breeding should have no problem. I'm with Tarp. Unto me sees potentially the proper group one horse, the race I'm against the rest. I would be surprised if she goes off. Knock seven four. Matching. Thank you very much is absent. Done and dusted before we get, didn't that? Is there anything running elsewhere on Saturday that you want to flag up to everyone? We've got meeting bellies town with. Chumsford Hydro got nice and Yarmouth. G anything from you don't give it should not yet. Here's my nap now, are you just you know Okay Fund Dj and I like one actually in the last at at some horse called an. Corazon, Espedido who has absolutely spectacular form at X. Moon. The race last year just seems to be far better at epsom than anywhere else. runoff America of defy, which is quite lenient, given given. That's at the race last year, and only carries eight still would eleven Andre Eddie. would have a bit of difficulty trying to get across. Because it likes to run. It's usually fairly smart away from the trap so at Corazon. In finale anything from you frank. Three in the same race as just said Hatay there for Jim Boyle, she was beaten a short head in this race last share off American ninety four, but she's got a lot better. Draw this time, round Amstrong five massive violence, and being drawn low hair over the seven firearms and Talkative, really nice date new marcus. On guineas began when she was four beating Lenton three-quarters quarters. She was up to listed level of new. Stock with no for that sports. I think she'd go when she she's run. Weather overtime buyer that raise last year am over Nays, knockin stakes on the it was. You could only handicap and ask. You couldn't be blown away by our. At the Tarsus of the yes, father, hold secondhand terrorists on the gets on open grade boss. He does look reading very goes on these funds. He gets beaten, and over the Amerson seven twenty five mind hadn't had. Rovaniemi for Davidson cops. This horse was punted off the board on debut of Lindsey last year ended up coming second by travel, really powerfully with horse beat him Johan experienced the very harsh yawns outrage night six after winning at new weeks He went to link on the all weather than uncuffed American. Easy, enough style I'm shaved. They taught his reappearance. Canton finished her traveled. Wealth can look to blow up a little bit Davison Kabq. Horses have beneath the rolling, and they were little bit other farmers couple of winners in the last two weeks. I think this was ahead of its American to are. Also code again frank. Rovan the amy I think is pronunciation on not grace I lovely stuff. Thank you very much, they let's get the naps. This will not be be. Three from three las week. Can we do it again? David Jennings got I hopefully I'd be kicking us off with winner Bruce the first rice at absence of one fifty muto was eat. Ram Roadway. Rates in a local track a challenge for the tomorrow. Annoy the. CHOGM setting the seven ten. Philemon Bro. Research ran at the track loss time under definitely stadium on to furlough traveled really nicely through the rice Kinda. Make you challenge inside the phone. Furlan and just didn't finish off. The rights lost second near the line. And dropping back to seven furlongs, Philemon those are free on trumpet in Triple Really Do. Called fantastic drawer in school free Angus Phileas is on both twenty four pound, probably the best fly pound claim around, though certainly one of them, and I know whether going to I think they could have lost this film in from the front from stole free East Providence Seven furlongs and I think he'd be very difficult to cats as Philemon Doug seven ten Chelmsford and frank. Rainy wants to say King. Integrate, going I do think for us at win. The PRINCE LESBIAN STAKES PLUS YEAH I'll be very keen. English king to and. What's the net Sanjay grounded frank? Quinn the Darby look against the absolute. Hey, chopped off if he gets beaten because it's, it's one to four. One four shot. No, he gets beaten boss. I! Really do things the best horse in the race in. The Hopi win so I can I give you a bit of Stage A. Lovely. Rebel one fifty Moot Sfjazz Awad of four fifty five epsom English kings seven tensions for Philo. Moon goodlatte lines. Let's do Sunday next power and now offering free streaming on all U, K and Irish horseracing no bet required just log in and watch welcome back to the racing post. Way Can post previewing fantastic two days of action with on Saturday. Let's do. Do Sunday now and attention switches to sandown and Hejduk seven races on TV, the feature of which is the three thirty five at San. It's the correlate clips now of all the meetings that really really do bring Hunnam much. When missing game, Rice is send and colleagues, the one absolutely adore guy next enjoying a glass of two in the summit sunshine at sandown. We can I have to settle for armchair in this time, but what a treat! We've got the Monte enable. Rip His think. She shied votes on frank and she wants to like this from Patty pound. Yet. We're tend to Lebanon. Able Ninety, four gaffe fourth. One, Japan towards Magic Wand Twenty five to one Riga reality, deirdre, sixty six banker, and frank. Sticking with you how you see this race unfolding. Of the gas broke the course record a new market, but it was a massive tailwinds. Dot Dan he days.

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