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Yes i was saying. Well look the body of the machine. It's might have asked him to molecules and stuff right You know it's functioning determined by structure that for You know restoring the structure will restore function. That's the only real question is are the aspects of the structure that are inherently even in principle impossible to restore to they were young adulthood and it seemed to me that there obviously are now and nobody came along and said yes there are the only real difference at the beginning was in terms of the degree of difficulty of the next thing and of course now most people would be somewhat more pessimistic than me in terms of ice. And that's where in terms of the timeframes for developing this all that damage repair technology for that type of molecular orthodontic within each other's rank. You know You know it's not. It's not that we think we're crazy about that. Even right back at the beginning when i was first talking about all of this You know i would bring together a lot of different ideas from different areas of biology because of course the damage repair purchased inherently divide. And conquer. One you know the people who divide and conquer simply that they're not too different type to damage we've got to fix them all and is going to be fixed by a different technology and that You know you've got to apply the same technology a lot of different things to the people at the same time without a lot. so yes. so we'll i was talking to especially in any given particular area like for example magical mutation i would generally not say very much pushback from people in regard to their area. You know. I'm not be a little bit more optimistic. Than but i would be basically talking sense and they would understand that. I knew i was going with this. And you know they wish me luck but when you ask these people about each other area about which they knew very that's all they would immediately up and this is complete science fiction way this work you know. So this was the kind of consequence of the balkanization. They um sorry. Lowering of expertise in biology that has happened increasingly over the is and it took a while to brag that that's actually a really interesting insight that the more somebody knew about the area. The more plausible your take on things seemed but the less they knew the more than they're sorta defaulting to base assumption that they have about longevity is self Now is this where you see people spilling into just sort of a dog. Matic approach about humans are never gonna live forever. I'm not willing to let myself become optimistic about that. People for thousands of years have been saying that they've cured it and people are gonna live forever Is that what you're up against. Yeah it kind of. It's kind of even wouldn't that because of the fact latch vichy's aging. You know and everyone's been saying this since the beginning of civilization that for you know everyone's been wrong therefore i'm lucky to be willing as well on top of that. There is the general fat that within science overrule experts Very reluctance to risk of promising and under delivering. That really really want to you. Know whenever they have the misfortune to be talking to the general public they wanted to say we do not in most in most walks of life. Saying you don't know what you wanna do. You wanna pretend you do nice stuff that you don't in signs it's the other way around. You pretend stuff that you actually do not that that's actually fascinating and there is something to that sort of level of humility that i like but he can obviously distort in itself become pathological So i think now. It's a good time because i wanna frame. We're going to get into the weeds of like what the seven types of damage are and what the sort of antagonistic thing that we apply to that to repair will be but now i think we do need to get into what the escape velocity is here and what you think will ultimately happen. I don't wanna put words in your mouth. But when i hear you speak Maybe i hear what i want to hear. But i i hear sort of the ultimate hope So but before. I put words in your mouth. What when you talk about escape velocity. What do you mean right. Yeah okay so let me given like the background to it. So at the end of the day. Because i mentioned earlier the human body is a machine i'm beth lawrence function of determine but structure We can therefore say that the health of the body and therefore the likelihood that the body will cease to function in the way that we will die anytime to is determined by the amount of damage that the body is carrying around. And this damage. That i went talking about is a result of the body's normal operation in other words. He's self inflicted. We're inflicting damage upon ourselves throughout life even starting before we're born because this is simply consequences of things that the body needs to do and it's really intrinsic consequences. No way that we can have the buddy. Actually you know. Keep us alive without the body. Also creating an inflicting this damage appoint sell. And that's an agent body or any other living organism not two different than aging a simple manmade machine like a car an airplane or whatever you know that accumulates rusted out of you know the right. Well it means is that we could in principle improve the likelihood of living a bit longer just by repairing some of the damage. But it's better than that the key thing that we have to take into account and again just justice true for living machines. Like you and me..

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