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Which way do you want to go left or right mack left Give Save. ooh Baby. Seventeen great you make it you land on hungry. I'll say you just like land on him. With your legs over his shoulder. Okay, we're clogged up here. Tread I either way if you feel strongly about third or fourth. Not exactly sending it, would you guys just fucking goal? We Jump Mavericks. Let's let's send it together or we can't. Go you somebody jar sending I'm GonNa send it. Never goes. Time to enter the Matrix and. Enters the Matrix it's like it looks like the phone cords that they go through. It is right. I'll. Just new. Instantly covered at Greece now that one. Okay there is a chance this could work out for you because this is a random thing. Right? It's like you're trying to go left but now you're body's just GONNA go a random direct. Romi d twenty and tell me what you get. If you get one through nine, you're going to go right if you get ten through twenty, you'll actually just like randomly go left. Seventeen. I. Fucking. Gone I. Think you take you take that fork to the mouth. All backwards the right way. Dude. You should definitely send it the be careful like don't send it to hard I hit. The middle of my head on the wall. Did you dive straight down that was hurt so fucking bag. I can't talk right now. If you want mavericks to land on Max Shoulders who is hungry Dave shoulders, I'm GonNa need a strength to saving grow from Hungary day point. People are piling up. Seventeen. All right. Hunker Dave. You are like I. Mean you're fucking sturdy dude steady Dave Daddy don't for don't for. Can't promise anything, and then what would you like to do? You want to try to be the fourth person on the top okay I think I think it's time for me to send it. But I before I send it, I want to look out the window and see if Stevo is talking to Henry Cavill to see Steve is gonNA, send it. Stephen has a plus five to persuasion. Let's say that like a civil is trying to persuade Henry Cavill, just to like go for a fly. Yeah. Nothing crazy. Just those extra. Dab. I. Can't believe how unintimidated is just to shoot. The media like going for it steagall got an eight plus five. So that's thirteen. They can use the. I. Did use one. Okay. This is the first time. This ability comes into play steagall rolled a one but jake came up with a thing for his most notebook that whenever someone rolls a one with his Bartik, they can re roll it. Eddie got a five ship. Eighteen. O. Tread as your body leaves this cottage. UC steagall make Henry. CAVILL. fucking. Laugh. The most operatic male. Fall. And enters the nest and it looks like it's going fucking. Well, that's absolute. Pod Fair behavior. Now. Give me a deck. SAFE YOU WANNA. Go left. Oh Yeah. All right. I'm jumping in I whisper Jack Knife. Say Jack Knifed did I. Really, echoey down. Sounds like you scream jack knifed. I'm just really worried about like my sack situation of one more person lands on us like doing. Okay right now but like one more person is GonNa be just too much pressure on the sack. Fourteen fourteen is going to pass. Cumulus drinks. Say to support all of us. Hang on. Dave, you got this. We're going to call you. Okay. That's a that's a fourteen total. Unfortunately, that's not gonNA. Make..

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