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So two parts. Yeah. You can just really do this. Seriously. And then I started thinking to myself, well, just based on why because it's petty? No, no, no. I'll get to the payment plan in a second when I speak to martino. But when I started thinking about them, if you erase Tata martino's name and just put the resume, that's a very good resume. Head coach of Barcelona, head coach of the paraguayan national team, the Argentine national team, head coach of the Mexican national team. There are a lot of elements there where you're like, this is a very attractive coach. But it's Tata martino. This is the same guy who couldn't be bothered to go to Leah and Mickey's games. Wanted to stay in Argentina, who left devote Jimenez at home because he didn't think it could help him. Why? Because he's never seen him play. The same guy who resented Mexican football after everything. But now Diego coca just made $4 million net, which is one of the best salaries in Latin America, coaching digress. So yes, databases will be like, well, this doesn't sound bad. Yeah. I'm in my own little bubble. Here with the ratios in a beautiful team with the ability to win titles and I get paid like a king. Yeah, but the thing is, he just came from like a high pressure situation. Yeah, he'll be in a bubble, but it's a bubble with a lot of pressure in monterrey as you well know. Maybe if you're not one much. Okay. Sorry. I'm really going to go down that road because I will go down that road and I will play your hands, sir. Here's the issue with Tata martino and this is why in one of many issues. Yeah, one of the many issues, but Tata martino, like you spoke about being petty, could I essentially see him doing this? No. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said the high pressure situation. I think he's over with everything Mexican football. And I think he should be. He's like for his own mental health. It's a kind of, yeah, exactly. To kind of take a step back, not have to honestly, yeah, deal with the Mexican media at the end of the day, which was a high, high pressure situation. Go back to the MLS. Why not? He was very happy. He was really happy. I could see that happening. Yeah, absolutely. All right, let's go to the next question. All right, who

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