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Lindsay Bond, Gold Medal, Ryan Rod Mccall discussed on After Hours With Amy Lawrence M


Is on route talk lindsay bottle that efforts i won't thirty nine point six died almost die second wide goethe lindsay bond right now is in second place there will be no gold medal for lizzy haunt at least thought in the downhill points over it go through friendly rival got beyond that one ryan rod mccall earlier here on a westwood one is walking me back today in beyond jiang at that moment lindsay vaughan was in second for the silver but wound up a winning the bronze in the women's downhill will you we welcome you back today in pm chang along with lower oakmont i'm jason horowitz after finishing or at least what she thought was seconds you talk to heather cox but then came back around socked with other cox on nbc after learning she had won the bronze and finishing in third here's that men's yvonne as waited a long years for these one hundred seconds lindsay after all the hard work the rehab the sacrifices rewarding as this medal so i mean i would just in nalysts mckenna's you know if you think about what's happened over the past eight years and what i've been through to be able to be here and be giving it my all and to come away hopefully with a metal is a dream come true you know it you've got to keep things in perspective of course i would have liked a gold medal but i mean honestly this is this is amazing and i am i'm so proud you have said that sensor grandfather passed away in the fall that this was for him you or his initials dk on your helmet how much were you inspired by his memory today i did you know it's really hard for me not to get emotional for so many reasons especially because of my grandfather and i i wanted to win so much because of him um uh but i still think i made him proud our family never gives up and i never gave up i kept working hard and i am really proud of this muddle in a in a we is two i know your entire family is so proud of you you have said this is your last olympic downhill race what memory will stand out the most to you and game away by shot you know i mean tried so hard.

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Lindsay Bond, Gold Medal, Ryan Rod Mccall discussed on After Hours With Amy Lawrence M

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