Professor Jay, President Trump, TOM discussed on Larry Elder


Professor Jay how you doing buddy good good welcome I was just I just thank you know when you're talking about Omar mariner brother you know maybe maybe when your get now said you should try to marry or your brother what they want to be for the Democrats right that would be protected me but my my brother you're the only bad very bad you know what I'm talking I'm sorry the only problem is I'm an only child okay another guy another brother okay anyway but I wanted to compare the president to Bugs Bunny and the Democrats to they just can't seem to get that so we will have it no matter what that's next most most impersonation quiet I'm not the weapons thank you Tom be safe out there great called great cool but it's got a line to Shelley long island welcome to America first Hey doctor how are you what hello yes yes go ahead okay I just wanted comment that I thought the president's speech last night it was really really entertaining it was really really up lifting it was heartwarming you could tell that the man is genuine that is the word Shelley the what the word is it's so true heartwarming went when you watch one of those rallies you feel good inside off too is don't you absolutely absolutely and you know I just wanted to make one other comment that you asked about the RNC and how they do it on communications obsolete president communicates for himself we no longer beat them Twitter is the most earth shattering invention in the political sphere that's happened since radio so true so true so true absolutely but but I have to say thank you so much for calling the arms he's getting better so that would be what the you know the minute you would call a force multiplier so they are getting better great coals our number here is eight three three three three four six seven five two back to calls in a moment but please remember if you haven't done so already please join a mac.

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