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King of the que from ABC News. I'm Dave Packard. Another grim coronavirus milestone for the United States more than 350,000 Americans have now died from covert 19 the vaccine rollout starting slow. A lot of this is because public health care systems that are already taxed with contact, tracing and managing this actual coded 19 disease are also tax. Distributing this vaccine, and they need more help. ABC News, Medical contributor Doctor dairy and sudden but Dr Anthony Fauci on ABC s this week says things will eventually ramp up. I'm by summer, the U. S. Should have something approaching herd immunity level from April. May, June, July and August. We do the kind of vaccine implementation that I'm talking about, at least. Million people a day and maybe more. By the time we end the summer and get to the fall, we will have achieved that level of herd immunity that I think will get us back to some form of normality. Meanwhile, in California, now the epicenter of the U. S Coronavirus Crisis hospital setting a parking lot tents, ambulances waiting up to eight hours discharge patients. Some funeral homes, turning away family simply no room for the bodies. The 117th Congress convening today, a busy week ahead is capital. Little Prepares to certify results of the presidential election, Republicans are taking up President Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud. In a statement to ABC News, vice president Mike Pence's chief of staff, says Pence shares the concerns of millions of Americans. About voter fraud and irregularities In the last election, Dozens of Republican lawmakers are expected to object a certifying the electoral college vote in a joint session of Congress Wednesday they are demanding a special investigation into allegations of election fraud. Even though recounts audits, courts and state legislatures found no white spread problems. Christine Sloan. ABC News Travel today could be the busiest of the entire pandemic already won 15 million people have flown this holiday season. You're listening to ABC News. Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Health officials want to know why L. A restaurants are a hot spot for workers to get coated 19, November and December. The grocery workers union reports there were covert 19 infections and.

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