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That would satisfy me the there's a lot of great carbs and flash cards out there. I think for beginners and beginners of language learning beginners of a language and also for children, but I couldn't find something more complex more intriguing more for intermediate level, gamers, anguish learners. So I just said about started making some games, and I've I've made a game for Mandarin Chinese, it's called Chinese champions. And I've made to. I've made to Chinese champion. So there's Chinese champions one and China's champions two, and it's intermediate level game. It's quite challenging and difficult to play. I mean, if you're a gamer, you might not think that bad, and I'm I'm really proud of the second one actually think Chinese champions two if your listeners are you have a chance, I think you should check it out on I really feel like Chinese champions two was has been my masterpiece. So far of all my games because it has photography from my travels around China. So yeah, the the photography is from is all my own photography through my travels in different provinces. So it's it's kind of chronicles my journey. And also the words to and I've included some stories that I wrote in Chinese with the game. So it's Chinese stories. You know, it goes. Leep and I'm really proud of it. So if if any gamers are listening, definitely check out Chinese champions off, and they're beautiful beautiful creatures or told you this up previously. I'm not a gamer. But when I when I got the win the set that you sent me, and I opened it. I was like oh my God. Like, the quality of the cards and the the like how beautiful and how structurally strong they are. And how many I'd like the different pieces of the game in the just the case. I mean, it you can tell how much time and effort you put into it. And then it was a labor of love. It was just phenomenal. Thank you so much. You know, I I made a big mistake. Because I meant the moment we got on the phone. I meant to say thank you so much for doing that review. I wanted to thank you in person. But we had some we have some connection difficulties right off the bat, and I forgot, but I showed your video to my family and some of my friends and. Everybody loved it. And they loved you. And they loved your bubbly presentation of and we just all of it was so great. So really, thank you, something that came out of a genuine respect to what you had created funny because I don't know if you listened or watch the interviews I did with Il who's from England who learned Tiny's in China actually outside and then in China, and he actually just he was in Shanghai for a year on an internship, and he just moved back to Nanjing and before he left I still had the card game. You sent me. And I was like this is like the most perfect thing ever because he's a massive gamer, and he's very much into science fiction. Yeah. He's reading science fiction in Chinese like that how how deep into the language he's gotten. And so when he was about to leave I was like, wait a minute. This is perfect. It's useless for me, and it needs to live in the world. And and he talking about all this stuff 'cause I gave it to him through my husband because he saw him just before he left. And apparently, he was super pleased. And I haven't checked in yet because they moved things are kind of a mess at first. But I'm definitely going to check in and see what he's done with it. See if I can coerce him to do video for you in that kind of thing. 'cause yeah. But yeah, I just wanted to that you know, it's made it into into hands that will use it. So. Yeah. Yeah. So awesome. Okay. So thank you so much. I really appreciate you doing this. You're welcome. Thank you for having coupon doing what you're doing. I wish you continuing success with your channel. I will stay tuned.

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