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To decide what their standards are. Is it zero tolerance without any due process? Do they wanna form owed circular firing squad? Every time one of these things happens. I think the late term abortion problem is separate. That's something that Republicans can use to paint the Democratic Party as the party of abortion up until the moment of birth. That's separate but these other problems about race and metoo these are internal democratic group. So that's the story. They're not an easy answer. But no democrat is going to allow three lawmakers to lose their jobs allow Republicans take over a key stay with an election looming. So quick other thing the border battle, which we've been chronicling for the last two months every day twice or three times an hour. Just some some some hope negotiators finally sat down and spoke to seventeen people bicameral bipartisan commerce committee and. Negotiated were tasked with trying to stop another shutdown. Another standoff. Richard Shelby says this would say we've got a much better chance than we did on Monday to reach some type of resolution. Henry says this Texas Democrats said he would not go for the full five point seven billion, but is open to spending a similar some on broader security measures quote. I know there's a pass forward. But people need to understand. We're not gonna go for the five point seven billion. Steve Palazzo, Mississippi says the same thing doesn't think the press is going to get all. But I think he'd be happy with three point five. I think he would take that. What do you think? Mick Mulvaney, says if I don't care if he doesn't get it. He knows who he's going to do cut eleven he said very clearly last night. He's going to get it done. In fact, I think he took it put his hand up to take that oath, and he was going to get it done. And he is we would love to work with congress to do that. That's the right way to do it. It's the easiest way to do it. It's the fastest way to do it. But if congress won't participate Awoko along we'll figure out a way to do it with a with executive authority with and let's be clear about this legal executive authority. This is not a circumstance the president overstepping his. Yeah. And that's going to be. But I don't want this thing decided in the courts, I want these guys to work it out. Sally K R M G in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sally. Hi, how are you? Great. What do you think about what's happening in Virginia? Well, I'll tell you what I am pro Republican on sixty years old. I've seen a lot of ignorance. And I'm looking at the bigger picture heaven forbid getting rid of another demon rats is on all for that. And I'm glad from their whole pods. Have finally come to lie because we know they're there. However, I'm just worried at the bigger picture of been being politically correct that we can't even have our ignorance abuse period anymore. Either side. Yeah. I mean heaven forbid a Republican ahead a high dollar investigation already on it. Mass resignations to. And that's what bothers me. And that's the same thing. They they they went after Trump really hard next shooting Henry, Harvey Weinstein. And there was she taking out Al Franken because the standard blows back at you. If you tend to be a whole either now, so we'll see member will women are people leave says Senator Hirono everybody, you know, I believe Dr Ford said Senator Blumenthal. Well, why don't you believe this accuser with Lieutenant governor? I've no idea what happened, but she is a deep description very detailed way too detailed description of what she says, why don't you believe her or what did.

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