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We've been here for weeks and no it doesn't make any sense I thought about the time it takes to load and unload ship and even Was speaking with done. Danko bounded In in running the nodong ankles books and north spain or older but we looked at the time it takes to process and ship who should have come in one of the two directions by now so frustrated that In danko seems to say we'll we'll keep waiting. Were not in a hurry win. And they say well. Why can't we go into the board In dan danko refuses But also it's where are all. The ships is a google to. They run out of gold. Danko said that would have been big news a that. Eventually we would have heard he would have heard about it So yeah you just a little bit like a bell ringing that's That's from the crew. That means there's something's been cited. Thank goodness hopefully. it's something let's head up today. may might be just a drill the lady which beard because we had wow those drills could be could be dawn. How hello don dangle Oh sorry i forgot it was supposed to like a laker. I'm allowed to start on dankali a question my ability to say hello to you. It's me. Aw lay which is right behind me. that's good. Aw oh hello lady which beard Head up is great. News was ship approaching. It's low in the water. Korean currents carrying it right towards us So we're going to prepare to grapple and In to ship and it'll be it would look out fast. it's moving. it's almost here. And we've done a lot of grappling drills but not with a real ship So don lady which rhythm liquid look dislike another training exercises. Well okay ennobled later. Which i want you stay on board our ship. I don't want you boarding the other craft That's an order. Yes done danko blue. Dan danko could. I board the other craft if needed. Sure sure You could just follow you have a you have commanders so just follow your orders okay. Let locate. I'm gonna get ready. I get dan danko. Can i tell.

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