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Comedy gives you a microphone and maybe one light and you the now is everybody who has everything on the inside of you make the entire room at the same time lapse is true. And it's like you are on the hook for all of it for that entire set like on a show. Your lines aren't the entire half hour is a little bit of it and it's like you don't have to carry the whole thing. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah no for sure. It's like you'll see molly in a twenty eight minute episode for like fifty. You keep movie. Let's talk about molly bid. If you're with that let's do it. Let's do it. This has been a season I WanNa talk about the really big fight between your character molly and the character. Isa On the show. They have been best friends since the start and now we find ourselves in the situation season for where they've had this big humongous fight. That could mean the end of their friendship. It surprised me to see the fight. Did it surprise you to see it in the script? I mean this. All season surprise me like eastern genuine love each other like in real life so we knew. Cr CHARACTERS I fighting A. It'll be friends this so five. You know any town where onset you know. The energy is off. Because we're NASA be friends but then also were not onset at the same time this season specifically because she had a dull in her world. Her world was existing without highly. And so it was kind of so. I'm not GonNa see you and then when I do see you we be hard you know. It was kind of hard and then we'll get to that moment. It's kind of like. Oh I don't like the fights the first one that really rocked me was episode seven of season one as the funding molly beaches in public places to have beef with ease. Do do that. Y'All really do do that. And it's it's it's a look. It's not a good but it is a look. It's just a look. Yeah so see that one was the one that rocked me because it was like the first dramatic really really dramatic moment for us like the earlier fights. I would and the scene and be like. I'm sorry that y'all wrote this. I'm like I love you this one. I think this season was also a lot for a lot of people because we've all had friendships that break up and I know personally I'd say East on my man. I'm reaching into the well of friendships. Daddy's gone to to play channel other friendships ending to really important scene. Yeah no that Fi will probably things I would've wanted to say to people could never say the people so it was it was like I don't like this but I get this. How many takes did it take you all to get that scene right? Oh man it's a couple and each time he was silent. I remember it is being silent in between the takes because it was very media was very much like we. Don't this is the moment where she says. I don't like that led to her saying I don't F- Ahmad Anymore and I remember that. This particular fight scenes feeling very different feeling like who it has. The heavy have gone too far. Yeah it felt like it was going too far and and like I. I mean you know you get invested in these relationships in the show I was like like taken aback watching it. What do you think watching? This whole thing is going to do for fans of insecure. Like what are you? Want them to take from this season in this fight. What is the lesson in it for folks and also than the for you use your words? The lesson is use your words because we get them aboard it so much of this. If we just talked somebody like we talked to Thanksgiving. We could have avoided this if we talked after the Grocery store we like if we talked during the lunch that canola invaded. We probably couldn't have gotten to a better place but now is just like yeah. Goodness also all about timing. There were multiple moments. Where one of. Y'All was ready for the conversation and the other one was not and it's so important to have these critical conversations when both people are in a place where they can have them and often that is just as much of a challenge is having the right words to say for sure for sure like I think and sometimes you don't know the word but you know the feeling if that makes sense like I don't know what to say necessarily but I'd feel molly's like I feel used and east is like I feel like you're stupid but it's basically I feel down is what he's A. You know you supposed to be my writer die and I feel like you're now my die and not my ride so yeah for sure. Find the right words the right time. It's all miss adulting is hard. They don't teach it in kindergarten. They tell you to take time for another break when we come back. How Yvonne Orgy was bamboozled? That is right bamboozled by God bamboozled into the Dream Life. She has now. She'll explain the support for this. Podcast comes from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation helping NPR advanced journalistic excellence in the digital age. There's no getting around it. The Corona virus pandemic has upended everything and daily decisions made by the White House and Congress will radically impact the human and economic toll to keep up with the latest join us on the NPR politics. Podcast cut through the noise and let you know what decisions are being made and how they affect you. I want to ask you questions. Can about your upcoming book sore. Okay I mean. I'm so intrigued by the title. It is called bamboozled by Jesus. How God tricked me into the life of my dreams. I'm a new right now. To give me one example before this book is even out of at least one trick. That guy played on you. Turn INTO A dream. Please tell me. Doesn't Dan Booze laying me my whole life? He bengals my parents with me because I was born my mother's Iud And it was shows like oh I promise you in nineteen eighty three in late in pawtucket Nigeria. I came out clutching the thing that was supposed to prevent my conception and I was like y'all keeping take that US so I think I was like oh I was at her off on a path from birth and so he'd been boosted my mom dad and then would be like. I know you US going to be a doctor that you you you but don't worry about eight years For you to make an is going to be long. It's GONNA be rough but hey stick with me. Kid actually works like nobody would choose. Who's old but you keep going. He just keeps saying yes. You just keep trusting and believing and having faith and then you get to the promised. Land you like Jesus knew what he was doing Iraq with Jesus here new talk about this what I find really interesting and probably really hard to do for like people who are looking to a higher power for guidance. You know when. Say to yourself. I'm going to let God trick me. You have to admit to things you have to admit that you think. Oughta SMARTER THAN YOU and knows more than you do in that. You aren't the smartest and you have to kind of say I'm not in control either and those can be too hard things to do it. It sounds like you've been listening to guide. And letting him bamboozle you for awhile. Was it always that way for you? Were there moments where you didn't WanNa listen where you just did not wall? I were Catholic and when I got to college I became a born again Christian and I remember being like so. Let me get this straight. We can have a personal relationship with God like we can talk to him. But he's the home Kupa clear. Yeah well this is pretty. You know if I input output and I think I enough to take us take his word and like well I mean either. He's right and I'm wrong or the opposite and I think he's been doing this longer than me. So I'M GONNA go with 'em being right. I know personally when I'm not in the sweet spot we got like it's like that's what I go back into our tub whereas like ooh my beds. You left your time ago. Talk to me again. Yeah how have your conversations with guide in the BATHTUB CHANGED? Since the pandemic it almost think they. I think they've gotten more frequent. Because I was saying here where we were outside. We were too busy forgot. It's like Oh yeah you get like you know my heart surgery. You know that you see how busy I am. Okay Google. I'm just sat down outside so I can get you attention. I've also found like just not even just in prayer but just like in life. This is the last few weeks the last month of lockdown. You sit still quiet enough in your own house. You start to just like also hear your past a lot more. I think so much of our life. Pre Corona was like. What is today? What is happening right? Now what is on my calendar today and something about the last few weeks where we're just out and about less. I Dunno you start to hear. Go from your pass and have to grapple with that in a new way and you have more stuff to talk to God about in terms of all that old stuff. Is You know my friend Debbie Brown Who's doing a lot of work with Deepak Chopra? She was saying that this is a divine time out and she called it like our times like excavate thing in us and I was like ooh excavations you dig it heavily. Several violent act business. Get the several this coming day. We got time for being we. We've let things Kinda simmer for far too long and this guy's not playing games with us. No more is we got. You gotta get excavate it yeah. I am curious Because I was raised pentecostal slash apostolic. How born again are you like? What kind of church do you talking about like tongue talking shouting in church kind of stuff like tell me speaking times paid you know.

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