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Called DGB ex. We heard from Ironhorse with great Marshall Tucker band song fire on the mountain. That's from riding out the storm. Then we heard northern pa- Kelme with Ashland breakdown. From known precale ni plays. Kenny Baker plays Bill Monroe. Yes. That's the Kenny Baker. He plays Bill Monroe album that I played a selection from earlier in the show in fact that same song. No the banjo player for the punch brothers. I think they're still together and he's still playing with him. But he did the solar project where he he became real enamored with the the good old stuff, and especially with that album that Kenny Baker recorded a Bill Monroe fiddle tunes. So you went and transcribed all of Kenny baker's fiddle parts. And played them on banjo. He it's not exactly note for note. He he kind of expanded upon Kenny baker's playing a little bit but very faithful cover of that whole album. That's pretty tasty stuff from Nome bikini. Then we heard from Jim and Jesse and Charlie Leuven with north wind. Larry sparks, the great voice and playing of Larry sparks that's from forty and that was with Sharon white Skaggs and shirl- White City, folks. Call us poor. Man, wrapped it up with Danny Barnes and get it while you can't. And that's from his new one newish one called stove up. Already. I'm Tim Brittany. Having a great time sitting in for Chris powers today on the mud acres. Bluegrass special got one set to go after one more announcement hang on. Because she deserved.

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