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To the sherry I want to share a couple more testimonials that caught my attention out of the so many right there on the purity website again these are unsolicited these are from real people here's one from Rick he is a male age fifty five to sixty four lives in Naples Florida he writes this what a great product asked affects has been for me after starting taking asked to affect my workout and strength is increased as if I were in my twenties again and I've only been on asked affects for two months now can't wait to see the long term effect I look forward to taking asked to affects every morning for my afternoon workouts I'll be taking this product for a long time here's DD's she's a female age forty five to fifty four who lives in laurel park North Carolina she writes this quote I've been using a ask the affects for a month now I can see the difference in my energy level I now have more energy feel better since taking this product I can actually see a difference in my skin as well I'm a smoker who has smoking lines around my mouth but the lines have diminished about fifty percent overall I am so thrilled with my energy level I love this product just couple of samples from the real people who have responded I'm purities website and cherry I'm looking at the list of patents again on this asked as an open compound this is where the the science research backs up we're talking about this is just flat out amazing and I'm sure a lot of people out there are going to think at what I'm gonna say here sounds a little bit odd but you said before the show this supplement may even help people drive a car better or use the computer more comfortably and I and you can't come on how does this happen it sounds funny but after tax may actually help in these areas to it and here's why one of the interesting things about after Stanton is that it's a relative of vitamin a and we know the vitamin a is good fried good for vision ask the Samson is to ask the sentence actually been shown to fight oxidation and I tissue sight distance study where they found a forty six percent improvement in a measurement called depth perception that depth perception bouncer ability to determine distances between objects are basically to see in three dimensions and researchers they study the handball team specifically looking at how quickly they could change focus and guess what the handball team that was supplemented with pastors and then they were able to improve their accuracy improves their performance in the depth perception task other research has also shown that **** and and help reduce eye fatigue and you know when you're on a computer that's a big deal everyone's on computers these days and for long periods of time and and it's hard on our eyes and we know that if you're driving a car and it's late at night and your reaction time is low that's not good after that that actually help the eyes focus and refocus doctor hacked PhD.

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