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Trial for impeachment. Yesterday in the Senate Rand. Paul was not wearing a mask. And so Jonathan Reiner. We take. It takes a screen shot of this and says the only senator refusing to wear a mask as he signs the oath is is former Dr Rand Paul and embarrassment to the Senate and to medicine. Or or maybe another way to look at it is he disagrees with your medicine, you arrogant ass. Maybe maybe medicine. Maybe science is all about Disagreement and discovery and exploration and discussion. Maybe maybe medicine is not finite. Maybe just maybe, you clockmaker. God, you These people in scrubs and white lab coats who have all the answers and anyone who questions them is morally inferior and intellectually inferior in every way. Oh, boy, our betters our bids. Our betters are everywhere, aren't they? We're just We're just surrounded by bettors who are all our betters were found on school boards are better. Zehr found in governor's offices, our betters. You? Never You never find these people running a small business. You never find these people parenting at home. They're always there. Always in these highfalutin places of power lording it over you. Telling you why you're not doing enough. Why? You're not good enough. Why? You're not obeying enough. While in fact you're in your private life in your personal life, struggling to stay afloat to raise your kids to maybe battle and addiction or Not lose your own personal will. These s O B s who haven't lost the nickel wag their finger and lecture you about how you're not doing it well enough. All right enough. Sanctimony is just all a little much. Anyway. Telephone number 6108 50 09 96 108 50 09 90. So as I talked about earlier we bring in our friend. He's a great friend of mine. He's been a tremendous resource throughout all of this. He's a guy that's seen it from all sides. He's worked. In government for a long time at the national level at the state level in Harrisburg. Hey, now represents private enterprise in Chester County. But he really knows all of the Philadelphia region southeastern Pennsylvania. He knows the state well to economically. As he tries desperately to get Not just his county of Clay County and the Chamber of Excuse Me, not play Old County, Chester County. I should say hey, tries to get Chester County back online, but all of the Southeast and really all of Pennsylvania. I mean, and he's an advocate for the country to get back online. Economically, he's guy. Sure, Rocky. President of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry and Guy, I'm glad to have you back this morning. Thanks for your time. Hi. Good morning, Chris, who would have thought when we first started talking about the lockdown last March, we'd be talking about them at the end of January. It's really something and then to hear Joe Biden, you know, yesterday make reference to the fall. I mean, it's me, he said, the words early fall. I made me shudder when he said it, but he said it Yeah. The lack of urgency. From some of the elected officials, the lack of urgency, the lack of and you just referenced it. I mean the lack of urgency, but the detachment Not understand what's going on in individual homes and small businesses. In month 11. It's breathtaking it, it's frightening. And the idea that this nation which has managed to discover a vaccine for a pandemic for for a virus, we didn't know about that we can at the same time. Come together and figure out how to open up pizza parlors, bars, restaurants and elementary schools. We can figure it out. We're not being called to that. We're not being called to that. Now we're not being united as a nation to get back to normal. See, that's not the cold alarms. The cold alarms is to stand down and wait. For many small businesses in many families, they can't guy. Why is this? I mean, I really I do have to ask the why I mean and I There's the There's the political instinct in me to boil it down to just, you know, Democrat Republican liberal, conservative and and sort of the idea of ideology. Maybe it's more complex. Maybe there's a human nature element to this and you've seen it, And there's a more honest or difficult answer that zoo not a simple is politics. Why What on earth possesses a county commission, a health department, a school board to keep the status quo going and going and going like this. What is it guy? What are you encountering out there? I think it's a few things. I mean, I think again, you know, let's let's put to the side. March April of last year. You know the brand new virus was coming. We wanted Tol hunker down, protect the hospitals. Do what's right and assess. So let's give everybody a Mulligan for the first again wherever you want to draw your line, The 1st 10 days the 1st 30 days of 1st 60. I think the problem as we sit here, you know the end of January a year later, is that No one has been thinking about reopening. I mean a lot of times in business a lot of times in life. You can't do one thing without thinking about the other. You know, you can't remove your front window and not think. Gosh, What are we going to do to patch it up? And they were in such a rush to lock us down. In March that they never thought about what the plan would be to Bree Open. They were in such a rush to tell businesses to stop serving customers that they never thought about it. So I think First of all, it's a lack of forethought, a lack of planning, But by the summer and the fall of last year, I think it's a lack. It's a disconnect. It's in the beginning. It was that they didn't think about it. But as you get into month 56, 10 and 11, it's that it's just not a priority. If you listen to Governor Wolf Who's looking for, you know, befuddled at a at a state budget. It is has a enormous deficit mean he talks about a reliance on the federal government to close the gap. The idea's governor. You keep all the restaurants close. You keep all the museums called close. You keep all the barber shops closed. I think you sit around and wait for Washington to drive up a big truck and drop it out on the steps of the state capital. That's just not a recovery plan, and it's just not prudent as you're in the 11 months, so I think it's a lack of planning. But I think it's also a disconnect. I think it's not understanding. It. Folks can't wait in Mark 11. You just can't ask people to just hang in there that somehow it's patriotic or virtuous. For restaurants cannot be able to function museums to have to be closed that somehow it's a virtue to sit at home, waiting for government to tell you when you go back and take care of yourself and your family, it's not virtuous. Are you? I mean, are you in a place it all at the Chester County Chamber of Business and industry? Gosh, Iraqi with us by the way, President CEO there this vaccine rollout. Does this give you any? I mean, I would love to say hooray! Happy days are here again. It's just around the corner..

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