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If you are you're like these folks aren't close cider because now I have twenty four seven access to the best show ever coast to coast AM hi I love being an insider because the shows I listen to I always appreciate the diversity and thoughtful insight that brings me on a variety of topics and poster code this show has challenged me I think deeper and to broaden my horizons so give it a try it's fifteen cents a day you will love it sign up by going to coast to coast AM dot com stem cell technology of course science continues to do amazing things trips to the dermatologist can be expensive with that in mind Dr Nathan Newman designed a product from his vast knowledge of the stem cell research that is available without a doctor's prescription luminous uses stem cell technology not actual stem cells placed into a serum for application to problem areas on the face and neck like fine lines wrinkles and bags under the eyes ears doctor Newman to explain in the beginning we were using it adult stem cell technology for burns and all servers and wound healing these treatments we found the skin was getting much better in the laboratory we want to look to it how these cells try to heal we found that they using chemical language to get together and the chemical language is what we have taken and put into the oneness and product that we have purely the chemical language without the cells themselves.

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