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The plants in the United States have now been shut after that cyber attack in this is according to the union there. Right The time here 38 minutes past the hour is time for global sports. Let's put a call out to Dan Schwartzman to take a look at Real Madrid with that shocking higher from manager Dan Yeah, Brian No one saw this one coming, but Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti will be returning to round Madrid to take over prison Indians have done six years after leaving the Santiago Burn a bio. It was successful by the way between 2013 and 15. Ancelotti led Los Blancos to wings in the Champions League away for super cop. FIFA Club World Cup as well as the Copa del Rey 61 year old signs a three year contract and will be formally introduced at a press conference tomorrow. According to Barcelona. President Jo on the Port Alina messy does not wanna leave Cam No. He has denied reports. The two sides have already agreed on a new contract. Six time belong Dorwin will become a free transfer at the end of the month with Patty Saint Command in Manchester City. Possible destinations. If Messi decides to leave the Catalan capital last summer, messy inform the club he was looking to leave was told any team you have to pay its €700 million release clause. Pickups at the French Open. Seven ceded Andhra Group led loses in five sets the young anarchist group in the first round as Rube let falls in the final 66 to 4. Meanwhile, topsy Novak Djokovic has no trouble advancing to round two and trade sets as district C drafting the Dal intensity Diego Schwartzman in the women's draw, autopsied Ashleigh Barty, surviving a scare, losing the second set before rebounding to beat American Bernard Apparent the first round. Others to move on. Include 90 carlina Pliskova 24th, seeded Coco cop 15 Elina Svitolina in 13th, ranked American Jennifer Brady. I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg World Sports update reshot. Thank you very much. Indeed. For that I'm just going to check in with prospects that trading day. We're looking at their website gains there for the likes of Australia and Japan..

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