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Journal dot net. I writer-producer this week is Pauline Hanson studio production by Jason Dickey. I'm Karen hate. Radio health journal returns in just a moment. Individuals and businesses with tax problems, listen carefully. Do you feel like you're losing control of your finances? If you owe over ten thousand dollars in back taxes or have unfiled tax returns, we can help you take back control. The IRS is the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world, and they can seize your Bank accounts, garnish your paycheck, close your business and file criminal charges. Take control of your tax problem now by calling the experts at US Tax Shield and take advantage of the fresh start program and new laws that may allow us to negotiate a settlement for the lowest amount possible. Our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents can stop collections and get you protected so you can take control of your financial future. US Tax Shield offers a price protection guaranteed quote to get you protected today. US Tax Shield is eight plus rated with the Better Business Bureau. So call now eight hundred five six eight sixteen forty seven that's eight hundred five six eight six. Forty-seven US Tax Shield, eight hundred five six eight sixteen forty-seven what are you going to do with your old car? You can try selling it. You could junk it or you can donate it to heritage for the blind. Your car will be towed away for free and your donation is tax deductible. Just call one eight hundred eight three five one four seven eight heritage for the blind accepts cars, vans, trucks, and boats. It doesn't matter if your vehicle runs or not it will be towed away for free and you'll be supporting those that need help. Heritage for the blind is a nonprofit organization that helps the visually impaired live fuller lives. Call right now to donate your car, and as a special, thank you. You'll receive a free three day vacation voucher to over fifty locations. Call heritage for the blind right now. Call one eight hundred eight three five one four seven eight donating is easy and your vehicle is towed away for free. Plus, you'll get a free vacation voucher for donating. Call now. One eight hundred eight three. Five one four seven eight that's one eight hundred eight three five one four seven eight..

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