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Day six minutes past the hour and president trump isn't giving up on the idea of a citizenship question for next year's census administration officials have said that the printing process was already under way with out the question however the president declared Wednesday in a tweet that quote we are absolutely moving forward a justice department official told a federal judge there might be a way to meet tribes demands the Supreme Court blocked the question but it did leave open the possibility of reconsidering fourth of July celebrations in Washington are getting the truck treatment this year president trump posting that our long event in the early evening he stopped at a salute to America a White House officials say president trump's remarks will be patriotic but skeptics say it's nothing more than a campaign event in these politicizing the military is White House principal deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley gets pretty clear at this point that the Democrats in this country hate this president more than they love America and that hatred has taken many forms in the short time period the Donald Trump has been in the White House first the Democrats lied about collusion then they lied about corruption then they lied about the crisis at the southern border and now they're lying about the motives of Donald Trump who simply wants to celebrate the greatest idea ever realized in the history of humankind and that's America most countries are who have a constitution whose constitutions last an average of about seventeen years ours has been around for more than two hundred and thirty this is no doubt the most amazing place in history and Democrats refused to celebrate that greatness refused to even celebrate our nation's independence or the fourth of July simply because it's Donald Trump who's doing this celebrating a code peak the anti war group also plans to be at the president's celebration with their planes that fly that baby trump balloon we're here today because we want to denounce Donald Trump politicizing and militarized thing the fourth of July which is supposed to be a day that we come together for a barbecue Tel four burgers Frankfurter's picnic celebrations fireworks and instead he's turned it into a very divisive time this decision for that by the by president trump to have the hijacked the national holiday so it is a special day is wrong as a as a retired military and is a former US diplomat I mean this looks more like what would be happening on one level you know like on Red Square you bring in the tank you have the fly overs like that it's just not what America's right America is this is the time to bring all of our people together we don't think that bringing Sherman tanks from World War two is a show of strange in case you are wondering the annual evening concert that takes place every year the annual event the I. capital plus fireworks over the national mall that is still taking place a separate from the president's the celebration an appeals court is up held a freeze on Pentagon money to build a border wall with Mexico casting doubt on the president's ability to make good on his signature campaign promise of the ninth circuit court of appeals agreed with a lower court ruling that prevented the government from tapping defense department counter drug money to build a high priority sections.

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