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The top of the homepage fifteen cents a day stem cell technology doing amazing things from Beverly hills California Dr Nathan Newman has been a leader in the use of stem cell technology for repairs to the body he's taken that same technology to skin care with luminous and a P. T. two hundred advanced polypeptide technology it's a revolutionary idea when it comes to cosmetic treatment of the skin we've taken these polypeptides looked at the fact made this combination of peptides that are normal and very hard actually to make and their unique so that's why it works so well and it works so fast so what makes it so unique why is this so different than any other product out there first of all there are no cells in it there no animal products there no strong acids there's no error tunes they are made for all types of skin there's no product that can do all that for every person for all types of skin so this is a really unique model and again we are targeting those problems that causes us to age the best skin of your life starts here Dr Newman's luminous with a P. T. two hundred reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restores youthful vitality and radiance try luminous today at healthy looking dot com shop is full product line or try the luminous serum with the highest concentration of eighty P. T. two hundred in our starter kit for only nineteen ninety nine with free shipping order now and healthy looking dot com this exclusive formula is not available in stores start your path to a younger so move her softer looking skin available by calling eight hundred six SO four thirty one twenty nine eight hundred six SO four thirty one twenty nine or it healthy looking dot com that's healthy looking dot com.

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