Frank Gore, Rogge, Ricky Watters discussed on CBS Sports Radio


The face them are you puffins that frank well actually joint pain in can at some point all one hundred percent i mean if you seen how frank gore is skyrocketing up the list of all time and if rushing leaders i mean come on man is one of the alltime great running backs and it's a joy to see liam work and he's getting the adulation he so richly deserves i'm so excited to see frank gore and indicate in one day that is a slam dunk raff i'm puffing on that one hundred percent is there a a better competitors that embodies what it means to be a professional football player i mean you know you talk about not just a guy that can run the rogge text rogge you know past block i mean the guy a bowl of blitz pick up you name it franco's able to do it and for that reason he is an absolute stud and and a team a consummate professional across the board canton bound for sure up off on that all day okay on on the side puff on your lifetime who is the top three nine a running backs top three nine a running next in my life wall go frank gore roger craig ricky watters nice yeah that's it that's gotta be lewis arthur with an honorable mention a garrison earth spray right just no no i mean ricky watters was pretty amazing garrison harris that 95 yard that he had in overtime as a man's jets i remember that as you well know i number three it's a no.

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