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We're going to go right to the phones. That was a really good. Our I thought despite with Jack had to say, Jack, you're always welcome to call the program. I thought those were three really good calls. Obviously, elizabeth. A younger sister did a great job as did Stephen Braintree and Jack and Cape Cod. And Jack again, I understand your passion feel free to keep calling a program. I want to get right to the listeners on the line. The reactions we are gonna talk this hour about Nike's decision to select Colin Kaepernick for their new ad campaign. I'm sure some of you have seen that ad campaign. Many of you at this point. I've heard about it. We will the it used to be Nike used to be the line was just do it. If you remember now with Colin Kaepernick believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything I have a different nominee. That's that. That Nike should have considered. Not Colin Kaepernick a washed up NFL quarterback. But I'd suggest Pat Tillman, and we'll get to that. And we'll continue this conversation with the call us on the line six one seven five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty going down to Virginia Beach, Michael in Virginia Beach, Michael we've had some tough conversations before recently. Let's try to have a good one tonight. Go ahead. Well, I liked what Jack had to say. Your last caller. Here's the problem. We have this sales pitch been given to us for many many years that a legal aliens, our family people. They're they're wonderful. There is good as the best Americans. If not better, unfortunately, they have a much higher Qu'ran rate than Americans. And that tells me that they are being purpose. Fully sent here by a foreign power for the purpose of doing harm to our society, which for which foreign power, do you suspect Michael well, more than one foreign power. And and I'm just curious. I've never heard that theory. I'm curious which ones you you suspect. Well, just Google. Zimmermann telegram by Bogart telegram was discovered by British intelligence in nineteen seventeen which said that it was from tiger will help to that the head of Mexico saying invade invade invade. And I will reward you with four of the five south, western states. You think that it's and I'm just I am not going to argue with you tonight. I just want to give you an opportunity to clarify. You think that Kaiser Wilhelm about one hundred years ago? Urged Mexico to invade the United States either during or at the beginning of World War One. And you feel that that conspiracy continues to this day absolutely never stopped and the region. Woodrow Wilson, changed his mind. He had sworn that. He would not take America into World War One. The reason why was because British intelligence the the forerunners of Christopher Steele allowed our intelligence agencies to find out what was really going on. We won't know what's really going on with Trump, and we won't know what's really going on with Mexico until Michael unions, h is in the White House. Well, it is good to know you're running Michael keep us posted. And we'll certainly will have you on as a candidate. Thank you so much for your call is very illuminating tonight predate the call. Thank you. There was a lovely call six one seven to five hundred thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty Norman is in Pennsylvania. Norman, you have a lot. I don't know if you can top that call Norman. Hi, Norman, just like you say that the jets ten trillion percent, right? I saw the lady on Rachel was Tucker Carlson tonight. So I got a chance to see her twice. Oh was she realized that he was a. Real quick before you have a comment, and I'm gonna leave the illegal stuff to someone else on your radio. Did you hear what John Kerry Coulter president yesterday? I have not Agent Orange. I witnessed it on the TV myself. Now, I assume Mr. Kerrey called him Agent, Orange, sir. Again, I didn't hear that. I will accept he did. And I would suspect on Kerry's awkward attempt. That's a fact I didn't dispute it. I could I just make my comment on. I'll be quiet quiet, but just to finish my comment. I would suspect that that is John Kerry who is never ever going to be a standup comic making an effort at an unfortunate effort at a joke. Leaking the color of Donald Trump's here. But that's I assume, but but obviously a labor shortage for words. I know what it was about with McCain. Hey, I moved from silly to Pittsburgh. How did eighteen years ago? Can't get involved in that that was what the discussion was about the funeral. The reason I moved from silly eighteen years ago, it was because of the crime and all the basic people I saw that I didn't really care for not to be a racist or a anti-semites, which I am neither one or the other Jewish people committing a lot of crime in Philadelphia. I don't know. I'm just laying it out that I don't have a problem with either of those parties implicating Jewish. Okay. Who committed the crimes crime in Philadelphia is always going to be there? Hey, there's crime in Pittsburgh now last evening, just for example, just to give you one example, sir. The smash and grabs in the north side where the north shore is the stadium area is rampant. And if the lady will keep that in mind, if Rachel if Rachel seems to think, and this was mentioned with Carlson that she doesn't have a real care about theft and robbery. Now, do you know that the stores in this country us shrinkage percentages for prices, if the shrinkage is very good and low prices are very good. And by shrink is I assume you mean shoplifting. Right. She doesn't think that's a big deal. I got that impression from her. I didn't have a chance to question. But I know that that you're adding that for your audience, sir. She had a number of things, I respect her points. But that was one of the few to be very thoughtful, very intelligent, very reasonable. Obviously. She and I disagreed on a number of issues, but I don't have to insult either guest or phone call. I know that when we disagree. That's what Norman I don't know. How I think you've called before? Sandy six years old. I didn't ask you your age. I said, I think mine I've called you. Yeah. You're a great guy called before. And I you know, what the purpose of this program is the programs to try to be balanced conversations going between people have different viewpoints and different life experiences. That's all. So look, I appreciate your call. And hope you continue to call. Molly would be alive. If it wasn't for Tippett's, mostly, you know, Molly Tibbets is the woman's name. Molly would be alive. If it wasn't for Rivera. If that guy was not in the country. We have other cases styling case Matthew Denise, if you've listened to my show, you know, I agree with you on the case with Jack to I apologize for your loss. Jack, take care, sir. Have a great night. Norman six one seven two five four ten thirty. Triple eight nine thousand nine hundred thirty feel free to continue this conversation. And also at some point I'd like to get some comments on the Nike decision to basically lionize. This quarterback. I don't even know if I want to mention his name, I obviously I will at some point Colin Kaepernick. The slogan. I'm gonna play the slogan for you. Because we we did publicize we're going to do this. This is the the slogan. In. It's a shortened form. A Colin Kaepernick voice believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything that's an NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. He didn't sacrifice much in my opinion. Because I don't think his time in the NFL was was going to be of great along duration. He was on the downhill of his career. But if any of you know, who Pat Tillman was you know, what I'm gonna say the other side of this break because I'm gonna explain to you about an ex NFL player who did believe in something and did sacrifice everything. And if Nike had any. Courage, or if Nike had any integrity. They would be highlighting Pat Tillman much before they would highlight Colin Kaepernick six seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty nightside.

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