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T- did <Speech_Male> it's <Speech_Male> not surprising <Speech_Male> that he will not <Speech_Male> be pronouncing <Speech_Male> incorrectly. <Speech_Male> Also a couple <Speech_Male> of gee whiz <Speech_Male> in there <SpeakerChange> and <Speech_Male> a bird brain <Speech_Music_Male> up <Speech_Music_Male> and it out. <Speech_Music_Male> I mean it's a staple <Speech_Male> christopher <Speech_Male> mad <Speech_Male> let's not gloss <Speech_Male> over the fact that he thinks he's a <Speech_Male> better basketball. Coaching <Speech_Music_Male> popovich <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> time <Speech_Male> peak. <Speech_Male> Time now <Speech_Male> for greg. Cody's <Speech_Music_Male> back <SpeakerChange> in my day <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> and <Speech_Music_Male> now it <Speech_Music_Male> is time to take <Speech_Music_Male> a treat them memory <Speech_Music_Male> lane <Speech_Music_Male> views. Your guy <Speech_Music_Male> coulee <Speech_Music_Male> with bagging <Speech_Music_Male> my day. <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Music> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> We'd <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> and <SpeakerChange> the way that marijuana <Speech_Male> consumed <Speech_Male> changed in my lifetime. <Speech_Music_Male> I <Speech_Male> can't say it's the most drastic <Speech_Music_Male> change of <Speech_Music_Male> experience across adulthood <Speech_Male> bear <Speech_Music_Male> in mind. The first words <Speech_Music_Male> i ever wrote for the miami <Speech_Male> heard were typed <Speech_Male> onto triplicate <Speech_Male> paper on a battleship <Speech_Male> grey royal <Speech_Music_Male> manual typewriter <Speech_Music_Male> weighed sixty pounds. <Speech_Music_Male> The <Speech_Male> evolution of pot <Speech_Male> is right up there. <Speech_Male> Starting with the fact <Speech_Male> it was totally illegal <Speech_Male> back in the day <Speech_Male> now. Medical marijuana <Speech_Male> blessed as <Speech_Male> legal in thirty three <Speech_Male> states and <Speech_Male> eleven of those states also <Speech_Music_Male> allow its recreational <Speech_Male> use. <Speech_Male> I'd like to contrast <Speech_Male> one <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> of my earliest experiences <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> with pot <Speech_Male> to my most <Speech_Male> recent. After <Speech_Male> first noting. <Speech_Male> I went decades <Speech_Male> in <Speech_Male> never using <Speech_Male> the stuff. In case any <Speech_Male> of my herald editors <Speech_Male> listening. <Speech_Male> They away from the <Speech_Male> evil. We'd kids <Speech_Male> or you might end up like <Speech_Male> greg cody. So <Speech_Male> it's around <Speech_Music_Male> one thousand nine hundred. Seventy four <Speech_Male> and greg <Speech_Male> hops into his buick. <Speech_Male> Skylark pops <Speech_Male> in an eight track. <Speech_Male> Cranks <Speech_Male> led zeppelin and <Speech_Male> drives north. Where <Speech_Male> hit by an ounce of <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> pot in a plastic <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> bag muddy <Speech_Music_Male> clandestine <Speech_Male> exchange. <Speech_Music_Male> The cost <Speech_Male> twenty bucks. <Speech_Male> Funny <Speech_Male> as i recall it. But <Speech_Male> my guy used to throw <Speech_Music_Male> a pack rolling papers <Speech_Music_Male> gladys <Speech_Male> talk about marketing. <Speech_Male> The weed <Speech_Male> was awful week. <Speech_Male> You've <Speech_Male> picked it as lean as you <Speech_Male> could instill the odd <Speech_Male> sharp stemmer. <Speech_Male> Poke to <Speech_Male> the rolling. Paper <Speech_Male> lit up. <Speech_Male> The stray sees <Speech_Male> would pop like a vinyl <Speech_Male> record. You <Speech_Male> had to smoke a joint the <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> size of your middle finger <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> to feel an appreciable <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> buzz. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> So i <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> did the recreational <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> puffing <Speech_Male> from very late teens <Speech_Male> until the dawn <Speech_Male> of parenthood then <Speech_Music_Male> didn't for a long <Speech_Music_Male> long time until <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> two summers <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> ago wife <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> and i are summer <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> vacation in <Speech_Male> colorado where <Speech_Male> it's legal and <Speech_Male> we must have taken a wrong <Speech_Male> turn because we <Speech_Male> somehow wind up <Speech_Music_Male> on a marijuana <Speech_Music_Male> dispensary. <Speech_Male> I walk in expecting <Speech_Male> the people working <Speech_Male> there to look like jimmy <Speech_Music_Male> buffett or cheech <Speech_Music_Male> instead <Speech_Male> they look like pharmacists <Speech_Male> right down to the <Speech_Male> white lab coats <Speech_Male> with logos. <Speech_Male> Next thing i notice <Speech_Male> is you can't <Speech_Male> buy a joint there. <Speech_Male> I don't even see any purple <Speech_Male> bonds for <Speech_Male> sale. My eyes <Speech_Male> didn't get any farther <Speech_Male> than <Speech_Male> the array of edibles <Speech_Male> dummies to brownies <Speech_Music_Male>

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