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Pill. Come on down my ira. My automatics podcast for that album in a long time. And then when you guys the podcast. I went back and i thought yeah this is pretty damn tight is a good one. I liked that record a lot. Which ones psychedelic. No psychedelic pill. Yeah we if we time it right. I think we'll have john craigie back on for psychedelic pill maybe in studio because he's playing in boston. Oh nice nice anyway. Thank you so. I told you in my in my message. Not an entertainer. So neither are seriously. If you've listened to us. I absolutely love the podcast and i spent a good part of the spring and early summer listening to back back episodes. So thank you a big time. The stupid version of luke's question. So you're a fan of neil young and you met neil young and now you're claiming to be a fan of long. May you young and now you're meeting the hosts long. What is what's the how do you know it's it's i. I mean i'm really. I'm kind of at a loss for words that you can tell them about meeting. You guys mark. Just say this. We're not gonna sign sign. Time fades away either so look like jeff tweeted. I sent you guys a a message on. I think it the apple review. Or something of the podcast. Okay i do have a pre tree link fold story with neil. I saw him at what's now. Dt energy music theater was pine knob. At the time stills young band seventy-six and he and stephen were walking around at looking at the merge foods and i was standing there and then still was visually molesting my girlfriend when he. When i listened to that album that you guys reviewed i steals wanted to make love to your girlfriend. He was even creepy. You're than the electric aerostar. Aerostar rock really speak. It was he. Was he going to buy one of his own. T shirts probably so in that same interview. I read earlier on in the episode about the interview with crosby when they asked. Who's the best singer in ny. He said stephen stills. It's not even a question. yeah. I don't know that doesn't mean that doesn't mean you run. That doesn't mean the stills young men albums any good yes except for that one song those talks that was a tough out to get through. S- won't tougher fork in the road or or long neuron fork in the road. I can at least i can listen to fountain blue without you know going into like kind of like that song to do i. It's weird. it's weird one. I really do mortgage that out. Bill murray from life aquatic behind. You there yesterday. You get sue nice. Well mark thank you so much for your time and pleasure. Thanks for the opportunity. Thanks for being a listener. We really appreciate. Yeah i'm looking forward to future with the us. Yeah of course it's always it's always a a real cubis path. So i liked the and thanks. Thanks everyone for listening I don't know what we're going to do next week. I don i mean we're hitting the archives now. I don't know we'll yeah we got. We have to talk about how we're gonna do that out. Are we going to hit the archives. Yeah you know we made. I know to get some people in the patriots stuff. Yeah as far as the studio records the next one would be Shit is right. No muscle annoys illinois. Oh yeah noise. That's crazy kim relentless. There's like seven or eight archive and live records in between this annoys. It's ridiculous. Well we'll talk off podcast. Gonna this is harry. Well prepared we are mark alive right now. I like the behind the curtains. You didn't see piston bottles yet. So i was gonna ask you about that. I i see your long trail signed behind it. So what's the what's the detroit. Beer what are you. What have you been drinking shit There's no detroit beer firebird but we a stroz gone marketed. But long ago odds wrong detroit does do they. Have like good homemade. Sodas donal what am i thinking. I'm not a soda guys. I don't drink soda anymore. But i was listening to a podcast and they were talking about some kind of really good. Like homemade sodas that might have come from detroit but according to the guy from the link full docu series. They have good ethnic people. According to the detroit is eighty percent ethnic and he wouldn't walk around there without his rifle. Yes charming View was the second hand what he said from. Neil neil kind of didn't what anyone to hear but told everybody what said was awesome lewis spot up. It was outed guy racist anyway on that note. Let's let's in this fucking shit right. Mark thanks pleasure. Thank you very much preservative advance. Thank you got the latest. Jim queued up the sound system cranks. But you're missing that extra element. Take all the way to eleven. listening to. Music is only half the journey our senses mingled to create unforgettable moments on the magazine podcast tunes and tumblers. We dive headfirst into that concept by pairing new and classic albums with original craft cocktail recipes. We invite listeners. to bring out their inter mixologist. as we explore the music we love from unique immersive and thoroughly delicious perspective. My name is anthony. And i host tunes tumblers alongside my invaluable crew pager. Your mixologist in ryan your music on sewer over the past three years. We've spoken to artists across the spectrum in toasted their music with cocktails. You won't find on any bar menu. Rappers open mike eagle and the nomad indie pop superstars the aces and tessa violet. Talented multi instrumentalists known bay and tau win of tau and the get down. Stay down. have all taken. The hot seat i roster gets bigger and better with each episode and like every good conversation it gets deeper with every round. Join us on this intoxicating journey through the records. We love raising a glass to each wherever you get your podcasts. And don't forget to drink. 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