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In pioneer square begging for some relief komo's jennifer sullivan says after months of work the streetcar projects being held up and people in the neighborhood are very frustrated businesses are closing this bookstore owner says if it wasn't for online sales he'd be gone as well basically every few days i find out that another business is going to be leaving bevis neighbors the 'cause they point directly outside their doors there's no parking the heavy machinery is constantly running in the dirt and dust is intolerable it all started with plans for the city streetcar line but after seeing how much that might actually cost mayor jenny durkan's office says it might not actually happen in march the mayor stop the streetcar expansion the move came after an early review found a budget shortfall of nearly twenty five million dollars how did the streetcar project with a cost naked spiral out of control get so far it's something city council has been asking and the city attorney's office is investigating jennifer sullivan komo news after years of planning the twentyeight special olympics usa games kicks off in seattle this weekend here's komo's who romero renner's carrying the special olympics flame of hope for this year's usa games continued the final leg friday morning into seattle center the torch run will end sunday at husky stadium in time for the opening ceremony more than four thousand athletes from all fifty states will compete in more than a dozen team and individual sports around the region emceeing this year's games actor tate digs who also authored two children's books about identity differences inspired by his eight year old son the idea of of a self esteem and anti bullying and this falls right in line so it's it's very exciting death knocks president and ceo of the game says athletes will be arriving in seattle on saturday you know it's been sued and a half years preparation and planning and we are so excited to finally have our athletes and families arriving opening ceremonies are on sunday july first and the games run through friday july sixth c romero komo news sports this time.

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