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Finding out that Diana Ross is gonna be our guest here coming up to 10. No way. Read what was in front of me? Not not sure. All right, while we still have a chance. Millennial grant working feverishly to find Diana Ross. I actually saw really good movie with Tracy. Ellen Ross that just came out on pay per view. Her daughter. She does a lot of commercials and right. I mean, she's in black issue. Don't you do a commercial trying to think which Yes. You probably should remember what commercial it is. She sits on a park bench. What is that Red? He does a lot of stuff. Yeah, I know what you're talking about. I like her a lot. Have you seen the black A show? That's a really good season. This new movie that just came out. It's on on demand, and it's called high note where she plays a singer like this really high maintenance singer and Dakota Johnson is her assistant. You should watch it. It's actually a really good movie. So she plays a singer like her like she's like a Diana Ross, singer and movie. You know, that must have been an interesting life. Growing up with Diana Ross is your mother who's the dad? Ah, that's a good its was married for a long time. Music business. Robert Ellis White, a white dude. Yeah, Yeah, a white guy. Yes, he was. There looked like it was a music business manager. They were married for for quite a while. Right? I mean, like that, I don't know. 20 some odd years of believe. Maybe. She looks a bit like her mom. If millennial Grant could get around internal six Mabel, this Tasker And what about that guy you marry? Is worried. Another guy in 1985 are nay. Next has been married a few times. Yeah. But you're right. Her mom is Obviously, Diana Ross and her father is Jewish. That's right. That's right. I told the story. We actually went three of my teammates with the Browns. We want to see Diana Ross in concert at the It was at the Richfield Coliseum back, which was where the calves used to play before they moved into downtown Cleveland. So I've told this story and I'll be brief. Were sitting there. We got good seats, obviously enjoying the concert all of sudden. Like one of my teammate. It was Reggie Rucker. Slap me and goes, eh? Is that what I look up on stage? Here's one of the newest members of the Browns had not played a game yet. He's up on stage and he's dancing without his shirt on too. I want muscles. Oh, we're like, really seriously. Was he paid to do that or well, we'd never I don't know, but he had just been. It was Tom Cousineau. He had just been acquired by the Browns. Cousineau was the first pick in the draft out of Ohio State. I remember with Buffalo didn't want to play in Buffalo, so he went to Canada. Played in Canada, and then he came back the bills and Browns in some sort of deal. And so he obviously played Ohio State. So plant in Cleveland, I guess was more appealing to him. But in tight black leather pants and no shirt, and she's fawning all over him were later dude, You better hope you can play. You better hope that you know what? In the 34 when you line up over, guard you better you better be able to shorten his neck a little bit. He was a bus, Tony. He He was a really athletic inside linebacker. I would. I would not say he was a bust. But he wasn't the first pick in the draft. He wasn't a dominant player. He just wasn't He wasn't big enough. He wasn't built back back. Then the league was a run First league. And we were planning on man front covering the nose. And so both those inside linebackers are sitting looking about three yards away from a £290 guard, So you had to have some girth. The play inside at that point of the NFL. So no, he wasn't a bust. He was a good player, but he just wasn't physically big enough to dominate people. But based on where he was drafted first, right? Yeah, gosh, you could run though. Hard to live up to them. You know what? I think Tom Cousineau would have been a much better player in today's game. Where there's more emphasis on speed. Yeah, because I mean for an inside linebacker, I mean that he was fast could really run. So how about this young basketball player? Dave Simoni? Is it Timoney Orry Money? Money? Money? Bates he just committed to Michigan State. I've been reading about him Assassin 24 hours video on him. It was Gatorade Player of the year after his sophomore season. He's a 69 kids six foot nine going into his junior year. And there are some saying if this kid could come out now, he'd be the number one pick in the embassy. Some of the N B. A experts are saying that they're calling him a generational talent. Some the talent that we haven't seen since LeBron James. He's got that kind of ability, that type of ability and so good for that kid crazy, But I on this case, and they're also saying that he's probably going to graduate early from high school. After his junior year, which means Michigan State will get him for two seasons. So he will likely be in the N B A at 19. Wow. Interesting, Jeff in Denver on my way news radio Dave Recon Kathy on this Tuesday morning. What's up, Jeff? Hey, Good morning, guys. I just wanted to talk about the race. Parker guy in the Benny Mark Don's guy. Because I actually lived that era. I was probably 15 or 16. When that Benny Martin Song came out. You're talking about Benny more doughnuts, and by the way, he just died at 73 that song into the night. All right. It's kind of disturbing, Don't you think, though that song The world is because the woman explained that you know you're talking on another show where it may be wrong today, but see back and when I was 15 16 years old. I don't think we really listened to the words as much as we do today, And I think that in back in our days we were listening to that song actually just did something to us. You know what it was like the way it sounded. We like the way we heard it. It was a great just about the word. It was a great song. I mean, Jesus believe people fell in love with that song today There was a huge no. Was called into the night betting Bart Donuts in the song is about a 16 year old girl. In fact, that's the first line of the song. She was just 16 years old lever alone, they said. And in the video that went with it pretty creepy. You know, he basically goes into her bedroom and takes her off into the night and he was probably in his thirties. So we were wondering on on our Fox show if that song If that would hold up today, I tell you, I like that song. That's a great elevated, really. But in today's world, they probably doesn't take off. Did anybody criticised when it came out? I mean, even the video where he's a man and he goes the door. No, they didn't know they didn't like I said every I mean, everybody. There was 15 16 years old. Absolutely loved the song. There was no criticism of it whatsoever. It was just the way that his music watch. Yeah, it was a different time. Like like when we listen to the Lead Zeppelin Now as far as Ray Parker, you gotta check out what he's really mostly famous for its with radio. But he also has mostly famous for a song that he did have told a woman needs love. And Kathy, I'm sure you're going to like that if you've never heard Never Hurtis. Really? There you go meet love, right? Here you go. Thank you. Thank you, Jeff, asking, you shall receive needs love. Just like you want to cover this with the reclusive,.

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