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Started taking over everything. And I think after what she was doing her books Her bank accounts. Everything you ever get a bad feeling from her? Yes. Because I knew she didn't like me. She didn't need being around. Selena saw Yolanda running after her, You know, but I didn't thought it was Selena until she was in the floor. Yolanda. She just like like it, Lord, like l A w x TV HD to Clearwater. You 265 seti And that point Tell you to 33 80 Gulf Port You 290 B J. West Ham. I'm Richard Shepherd. Our top story at one o'clock. No vote expected today. But Pinellas County commissioners are talking about the future of the county's mask, mandate and hearing from people on both sides of the issue. Kathy Greenwood of Dunedin says needs to stay in place. Right now we'll have only three ways to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Social distancing, disinfecting hands and wearing masks. Eliminating anyone of these simple measures now is pure folly. Vote on whether or not to keep the mandate in place could occur in October at a special presentation, Hillsboro school superintendent tells Tap a City council He's preparing for budget cuts, Addison Davis says the Hillsboro district law students to charter schools both before and during the pandemic every time a student leaders whether it's home school, whether it's a private school, whether it's a charter school District manage schools do not get that funding. Davis's enrollment this year is 13,000. Below projections, 6000 have left for charters or homeschooling, leaving 7000 unaccounted for. Gordon Byrd. NEWSRADIO WOFL A Hillsborough County Commission has unanimously Okay to resolution declaring racism to be a public health crisis. Reverend Anthony White, the Bible based fellowship church helped draft the language as you know, a public health crisis. Is when the problem affects large numbers of people. Threatens health over long term and requires the adoption of large scale solutions Commission chairman Less Miller, the only African American on the panel, voted yes along with everybody else, but didn't mince words about his own experience with racism. Says he's worked his butt off for 50 years for the benefit of the county and still gets called the n word. Tampa Bay Lightning will try again tonight to earn a trip to the Stanley Cup finals. It's Game six of the Eastern Conference finals tonight from badminton. I'm Reid Shepherd News, radio W F L A Oracle is moving closer to a deal to acquire the U. S operations of TIC Tac. Sources say Oracle and TIC Tac's Chinese parent have accepted changes to the deal proposed by the Treasury ended addressing US national security concerns. Ford has unveiled a high tech factory that will produce its new battery powered F 1 50 pick up the factory is part of the automakers $700 million overhaul of its 92 year Old Rouge complex in Dearborn, Michigan. Southwest Airlines is temporarily grounded 115 of it's 7 37 jets after finding errors and data used for weight calculations, it says some flight delays and cancellations or possible while it fixes the data resets it systems. Bedded down day on Wall Street, extending a decline begun late yesterday. Technology is leading the pull back that L. Jones industrial average is down to 70 for the S and P is down 50. NASDAQ Down 240 from Bloomberg. I'm Larry Coughs. Kiefer NewsRadio Wofl.

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