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Lots of shame since gone straight created a power vacuum in now tavon collector is like the bad it's mojo in the universe interesting. That's interesting that kind of works. I did find it interesting. That just one more thing on thanos like he. We've established he's such a bad like you can take on the war iron man and captain america at the same time yet in this one. He's getting beat up. Blackwater is giving them probably. It's like wait a minute. This is like he would never. He could kill everybody if you have thanos on your teeth. Gone basically t hasn't set diet. That's true marble powering gardner. Now that's all he's you know what it is. I think it would what it is is. There's there's the the amount of creators involved in this stuff now so big that just people are losing track of the little details like that. I bet like whoever rail wrote and directed this episode. That wrote that thanos will be like this was not idiots gangway. We're making big bucks doing this. They should know like like someone. Point out to choreograph in guardians of the galaxy can like leap super far. And he's like kind of a super human. Yeah and he punches. The challah into challah. Isn't these black panther this. He's just like oh he's just a human whatever. Holy love seeing go up against the black order. The mimic some of the shots from in game with the big guy and the hammer when he catches the hammer like thanos does so. It was interesting to see the black order. That didn't change. they're still fucking bad ass. Fuck with the blogger. I loved the their parts point. I was making his diagnosis like beyond hulk levels strong. Yeah they yeah. They d- pilot five seconds. Look locals fucking powers all can inconsistent in the whole show. So they're traffic. They just forgot forgot but again. I'm criticizing it. I absolutely loved. It was fun. there was tons of easter eggs. You see the collector has of and rhino. You see cosmo. The space dog ends up with them as dark. Elf there. And howard the fucking. Oh that seth wayne's voicing howard the duck and he has his catchphrase when you you're out of luck always duck quick nice catchphrase. More easter eggs is to follow. Runs through a hangar. And there's a bunch of planes you see like the novacor played in the milano is back there and then he passes a condoms ship and his little fucking necklace goes off and so. I thought what was interesting about this. There's mannequins with the dorm allies. Outfits collector must have just killed them. Is that the condon's were exploring space. Is that what we are to believe. narrow looking for you're looking for. Oh or but the fact that they have spaceships and can do spacex. Yeah sure i you know. I'm just curious..

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