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To remind me of pin trading at at conferences and even at theme parks Were you get you get you try to collect all the pins and and if you get. Three of the pins Let's say you you've got you've got the pin for fief star are you. You've got the pin of of jim in with rock bison from bt s And you're you're looking to trade with someone for the jae ho pin these. Nfc's can be like pins right. They they they you can go into the metaverse. And you've got nf t for the only one of suga suga dance and You're looking at your you've got you wanna trade. You wanna find someone even collect all set. Yeah i think also with the video game stuff his. We've i think we've hit probably upper level. We are no longer elastic when it comes to video game pricing especially as physical packaging industry in distribution has kind of gone the way of the dodo and so the more that these companies can figure out ways that they can get more revenue in because charging more for the game is something that is kind of hit a wall. They're going to explore obviously micro transactions have been controversial video games. But that's where they've seen the growth and empties certainly more of a part of it. And if you really want to commemorate that time that you did that thing or there are are ways that you want to remember having a fond a moment in in the game than i do. Think that especially at scale those. Those could be worthwhile to the consumer a company. You don't need permission to dance. But you do need permission to get my. Nfc of junk cook and his dock. Indeed tom every company has an opinion on this chip shortage. Lenovo says it will continue into the first after next year. Qualcomm says it thinks it's shortage will begin to ease by the end of this year. And intel's pat gal. Zinger is the gloomiest zeh. Listening is not going to end this year. Not gonna end next year. No those i raise. Essential are going to come out in twenty three. While much of the chip shirted comes from a flood of orders causing a backlog some it also comes from shipping and logistics issues and none of these statements will help you get your products faster. If it's delay entered danish shipping shipping maersk. Anyone who's lived anywhere near a port has seen the ships grains and containers with the mir name on them might also catch them on a train rolling. By as you are sitting in traffic the company moves. Twenty percent of the world's ocean freight and merrick's just happens to have recently bought visible. Logistics company would nine us commerce belmont centers that back orders for retailers controlling..

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