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Also add to that to that that Paul Ryan is also even as he has had this public kind of refusal to criticize Trump Trump accountable, and these private reservations, his super Pac and the ads that he has been connected to have kind of played into this base politics. So it's sort of it's almost as if he has set a trap for himself and stepped into it. What do you make of that? I mean, what do you make of that relationship with Trumpism? Well, newsflash. I mean, Paul Ryan is a hyper partisan. I mean, the ticket to getting elected, whether it's you or whether it's your caucus in this particular Republican landscape, whether he likes it or not, is to just play that game. That's sort of what he's done. I mean, I'm. Intrigued by like there's this weird backlash going on this week about how dare George W Bush campaign for Republicans. Like did people forget that the guys like a partisan Republican? I mean, yes, there's all this kind of nostalgia filtered through the lens of what we've all seen around the Trump era. But I mean, this is who they are. These are Republicans. Remember what Republicans do. They did this five years ago. They do it now, and Donald Trump is, isn't the game changer in the minds of Republicans who want to get reelected or help their friends get reelected that you know that that is the vehicle for liberal wish fulfillment that maybe people would want them to be. So Lindsey, Graham with someone who didn't participate in this capitulation until he went, he is like, has the zealotry of convert. I mean, he is all in. What do you make of that? I would say he has his Ella Trie of someone who wants to get reelected in South Carolina and who's got nowhere else to go. I mean, that's that whether to conduct, but it self perpetuation that simple. Yeah, I do think it's and you know, look, it's stronger than any kind of loyalty maybe to some degree at for John McCain. Because I think in many ways, you just can't circle that square man like John McCain was so out far. I mean everything that John McCain stood for in the last two years. His funeral stood for you just can't. I don't. I don't see how Lindsey Graham could justify it, but no, it's about getting reelected. So I wanted to ask you. So you're at this book this town, which was made a lot of really sort of captivated people and how it describe Washington DC before Trump came to town. This was a culture that existed through administrations that didn't care whether you're democrat or Republican that was sort of valueless interested in power and connection undergird ings Perpetuo perpetual wealthy except for self perpetuation and lack of connection to the consequences of politics. Well, here we are. Donald Trump is president. How has this town. Changed or has it changed because of Donald Trump? That's a great question. First of all, it hasn't changed at all. I mean, it it it is. It is wealthier. The only thing that changes in Washington. This was like the premise of this people just kept getting richer and there is permanent class and Trump has made it. You know, it's like a kind of gold plated hot tub now. But I mean first of all, if you wanna make the swamp, the rhetorical vehicle here sheriff swamps alive and well. I mean Russia. It's Flers Maas. There's Maas. Yeah, at the Trump hotel, you're into the Trump hotel. There's moss everywhere, locked during protests. That's the most have gotten, you know, that thing they do would like the prison. They that video that thing where they put things on the wall of that was kind of cool. I love that. Love that can do that. Do that. I, I don't know how the lights work. Yeah. I guess one question I had about it is, you know these, these people the the, that that sort of our this enduring class that lives through administrations..

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