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I never noticed this, but Cecil Fielder played thirteen years. Prince fielder played twelve and they both actually ended up with exactly three hundred nineteen home runs. Yelp. Isn't that crazy? Yeah. That is crazy. Yeah. One of those little interest Kasese that really make this, this game special add-ons say about it. Exactly. Yeah. I just wanted to touch on how cast in heroes doing so far boys, thirteen games into his big. Hey now, there's some comparison here Casten here is by far the biggest bat to come along in. I would say since weeks and fielder. The most yeah. Bad fair Rickie weeks was drafted in two thousand three he made his major league debut in two thousand three but it was a Cup of coffee. Hey, let's Schoff. The new first round draft. Pick two thousand five was really his rookie season Casten hero drafted in twenty seventeen first round, high pick ninth pick overall. I believe this is his twenty nineteen season. So he's the first player to come up from that twenty seventeen draft. He's thirteen games in his slash line. Looks like to sixty one three oh six and four fifty seven that gives them a seven sixty three Opie which is pretty solid through thirteen games just to give you an idea prince fielders numbers and his two thousand five rookie year. He had sixty two plate appearances currently casting. Here's at forty nine plate. Appearances fielder went to eighty eight three oh six and four fifty eight so that three zero six OB P is shared by both players four, fifty eight and four fifty seven slugging prince fielders Opie his rookie season versus Casten heroes right now, seven sixty four to seven sixty three prince fielder and sixty two plate appearances to home runs Casten here in forty nine plate appearances three home runs. So just some really, really kind of crazy numbers. I didn't really think I hadn't thought about prince and Ricky's kind of rookie year that two thousand five season in a while and seeing hero do what he's doing now. Is pretty impressive. When you look back and see, you know, the plus careers that those two guys had, so it's exciting times something I wanted to talk about, you know, between that and witnessing his third career home run. It wasn't as I, but to see weeks and fielder kit, their first together, I'm gonna do a there's going to be a blog about that. I've been working on for really a month or so. I'm going to drop it next next month. Probably round the anniversary dated June twenty fifth. The day we were down there. Yeah. Yes. That, that would be fun. So that probably board. Oliver cubs fans to death. I felt a little bit interesting. You know, whatever did you watch did you go back and watch the Kerry wood, twenty twenty strikeout game. Then while I was talking. Yeah. I did. I put in fact, that's what you usually throw that on quick and fast forward, I need to. And it's easy to does own you out with something, you know, as spectacular as that, you know on so. My hero kissed it anyway. Moving. Yeah. So what when he hit that bomb last night, I did stand up. And that's exactly what came out in my mouth. I had a couple of twins fans pointing laughing what happens when a Bruce fan has a beer at a game, whatever. Right. Yeah. Well, you know. Yeah, I guess we should move on here. Yeah. We gotta get to the tweet of the week. We've burned a lot of time already. Yeah. Yeah. As good stuff. And and let's talk tweet of the week. We actually have a couple like like we mentioned. So we got one while I'll do one here you do the other. But basically sure let's see the first one is from at Craig kimbrel. Cub whose whose name he's changed his name to 'em. LB umpires suck ass. Obviously, there's been seeking stretch episode about that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So he said, on may twenty third, this is actually in reply. I you know, this was may twenty third Jason Heyward was up. He had he was zero for zero with four walks and he was up and basically, what should've been both for ended up being called a strike, and it clearly I mean clearly was and, and yeah, he, you know, should've been should been a walk wasn't anyways, you know, but cake Craig kimbrough replied, you know, are the worst you know, I kind of his he had changed that to that. And said, yeah, you're right. We had done that stretch episode on robot on Pires and we talked about that. Of course, we, yes. You know, we I think the conclusion what we kind of conclude was maybe it's not necessarily that that has to be the next step. But the next step should actually be just holding accountable. You know, comparing their calls to what, you know, pitch casts or whatever says, and the ones who are bad, you know. Shouldn't be out there as much or maybe not at all if they're under a threshold in the best should be out there, the most and paid the most. And you know, be in the games that matter, the most in the playoffs, of course and things like that. And, and but anyways, that's yeah, we go deeper into it in the stretch episode that gets into union things. Yes, that's a whole nother right? It gets into a whole different. That's whole different racket the long short of it was, we both agreed that things could be better. I had my heels dug in a little bit this week. But then kinda you changed your room. No. Well. Your mind any size? Completely change your mind completely. No. About that a little bit. We. You know what it should be completely robot, umpires? I'm done. Yeah. No, I know I didn't say that. I definitely think there's room for room for better training. We talked about the age of empires, things like that. And it brings into play to something that is unrelated to the strike zone that happened with the brewers. Yes. Couple of games with the Philadelphia Phillies in Miller park. There were a couple of issues we Bruce had run around third. Lorenzo Cain was up a three one count. The unpire Esther Brooke called strike two on them led to him. Grounding are out Craig counsel started arguing a little bit balls and strikes, which is always a no no mind you, but he ended up getting tossed and then somehow Ryan Braun who's usually very, very mild mannered, despite whatever you wanna say about ROY because he just doesn't have it because he doesn't do Royds anyway, he ended up getting tossed as well. The next day Esther Brooks at third base. And this does relate to tweet of the week when I I'll get there. He ends up tossing. Mike moustache from the field because dacas just wanted to ask him about a check wings checks, check swing strike, call Esther Brooke apparently said, I don't wanna talk about it and moussaka apparently asked one more question. He got tossed from third base from playing defense that you just don't see often that leads me to the second half of the tweet of the week at burner yelich. So. Christian yelich burner on Twitter at burner yelich there's a tweet here with a video, it's important to see the video Estra Brooke is looming over Jason KENDALL. Basically, they're having a discussion he come or so. Jason Kendall's a catcher for the royals Esther Brooks lined up behind him. Kendall must say something he comes around and stands and leans kind of into him with his hands on his knees. So it's kinda like if you picture this, you know, a thirty five year old dad leaning down talking to a five year old and giving them a stern lecture. Yeah. Not that I would know anything about that. But that's exactly what it looks like. And this is a grown man. Jason KENDALL who is respected catcher in the league. If you listen to the announcers. Looks pretty disrespectful. Ned Joost comes over the royals ends up, getting tossed, the tweet is look at the way Esther, Brooke talks down to Jason KENDALL. Absolutely ridiculous. Is it possible? This guy's a bigger clown than Joe west or angel her Hernandez, and then stars has listened to the announcers, Esther Brooke did not make Pires look good this week. No matter how you shake it out. It looked really really bad from brewer's perspective and then you see videos like this and it's one thing when somebody starts to argue with you, as an empire you know, to get a little defensive, it's another thing to bring the defensive to the offensive and that's exactly what it looks like in that video. So am I for robot umpires? Not yet. But I am I am for better training. There's got to be something. I mean where you add on some of this stuff. I know we covered it in the stretch a little bit. But like have you seen that video, what were your thoughts on it? You know, I. I'm not sure. I think it's getting it seems to be getting pretty ridiculous, as far as a general trend and I don't know if there's some kind of a growing tension there. But, but yeah, I you know, I mentioned the stretch, I just think it's it's frustrating when game swing, you know, one way or another because of calls. You know, I don't know. I don't know. But I you know, I think I think anyone interested in deeper conversation about to check out the stretch episode, I think we'll touch on it some more, and we may even have to another stretch on that. It's. I don't know. I'm with you. You know, I go back and forth on the balls and strikes thing. But I think tossing one of the best players on your team over a discussion between Braun and moose stocks. That, that's feting the game in a much different and much higher level way. Oh, yeah. So I'm okay with talking about balls and strikes. But I'm not okay with thin skinned umpires tossing guys without they're even looking like there was much of an argument going on, especially on the move stocks, when I didn't see anything. Yeah. I didn't see anything at all now. So anyway, we should probably. Yeah. Let's let's move on. So, yeah, those, that's. We'll, we'll be doing to talk about on Pires. I'm sure but, but yeah, let's for sure looking at the week ahead here I guess we just touch on that. I you know, cubs are playing Astros and they're tough team. So it's been a little bit of a tough part of the schedule, and it doesn't help when you got some bats, like discuss. Oh, not doing a lot and you got starters having some rough starts after being pretty solid for while and then you got the bullpen not being good again bit. That doesn't help. When you're playing good teams cubs finish up with the Astros. Actually today is the last last game and then they have tomorrow off and then they got the cardinals. So fortunately, the cardinals haven't been great lately, so maybe that'll, we all can agree. That's a good. That's a good thing..

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