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Report as Jones Stashower. John Jonathan the hope is that some days some of the thirteen Yankees now on the injured list will return, and then the relative unknowns have been taking their place will likely return to the minors. But in the meantime, many of them have helped the Yankees float like geo or shallows replace McGill and third base. He's been studying the field late last night in Anaheim or shell came through at the plate run-scoring single fourteenth. Thinning for a four three. Yankee win is set. Fly. Given the twelfth any Li only to have the angels tie it against their oldest Chapman. Good pitching. From Jay have Jonathan holder one relief in the Yanks won six or seven last time out for Stephen Manson was a nightmare gave up eight runs left the game. Without retiring a batter last night different story against the same team. He and the Mets beat the Phillies five to one. That's win. Six three perfect innings from the bullpen the walkie bucks. Best record the NBA. They swept the pistons all four wins by at least fifteen point one twenty seven zero four in Detroit the bucks first series win since one on that face, Boston, Utah state alive. One oh, seven ninety one Houston still leads three one. They'll be to game seven tonight Stanley Cup playoffs and another one tomorrow. Carolina beat Washington. Five to two Dallas top national overtime stars win that series and six the Bloomberg NBC sports update. I'm Jon Stashower. Joe shot. Thank you, part time broke. Correspondent Tom Kaine booking flight to the United Kingdom for June third. V as the United States. It'll be the President Trump. Royal family finished, the headline the president going to the UK for state visit to make but the coin a little bit more than that ended up bit lighter. World headquarters.

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