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My father always constantly told me was okay. The middle ground would be all right. Do i hold current generation responsible for the past. No but i hold them responsible for changing it and preventing it from happening again. But they can't acknowledge it or won't acknowledge it. Then it makes it very difficult to get those changes enacted that well. That's the key acknowledgment. Acknowledgment and acceptance accept responsibility. Except the fact that yes your ancestors were responsible. But you're going to be the change you have to be the change it. Somebody has to be and again. It goes back to activism again right when i think about the work. You know john kane and and many people you know try to do and other people have tried to do. And we've seen the fruits of those labor's amanda black horse in the whole Team issue well. You know what long long road and got something changed right. We're in that activism. Can't we are activist as well. Well think about it. Think about it. We're activist as well within the realm of what we can do. I guess i mean The the problem. Is i the way i view it as i go. Enough marches myself and So so i. I i put that out there as an acknowledgement of my own but But it doesn't mean that it won't stay that way Some of it is a family related in health. But let me let me let me stop you. there before. Continue activists isn't defined by how many marches they go to an activist isn't defined by although that's what some people may use defining aspect of an activist. An activist isn't defined by any particular set of parameters or or labels. You know we are activists people that bring light to an and speak out against injustice no inequality racism etc etc etc. Those people are activists as well. We have a.

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