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And you know, what you won't stink. Not at all. That's the beautiful thing about it. This race has officially been called because of the heavy rains over the Daytona International Speedway. That means Jimmy Johnson has won the advance auto parts clash his second career win in the clash Winston Kelly with Jimmy Johnson understanding the race has just been called. So first of all, congratulations. Third time winning the clash. Yeah. This is great to have all four hundred cars qualify one through four us and third with ally. Shedding and then have a very competitive race here today. I wish we could get the full distance. But obviously, the weather isn't cooperating. So what happened out there on the back straightaway? You've had a chance to look at the replay. What was your perspective in the race car? And now that you've seen the replay between you and Paul Menard near the rain was coming saw trying to set up my move and make my make my run on the. Twenty one car and got season and had a kind of set up down the backstretch a few laps prior to that. Then my opportunity came along. I made that move to the inside. And then we kinda got together. I'm not sure if just the air brake in his plane pulled his car over or if he was late to walk. But it was just really a racing. Honestly. So I made my move. And and, unfortunately, he got sideways and collected a bunch of cars did the impending weather impact win you decided to make your move. Or was that a factor at all now for without a doubt? I was going down into turn one looking out in the distance. And I could see getting darker and darker and closer and closer and knew within within that lap. Or the next slab of I had a run I had to take anything that you learned that.

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