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Outwit the latest moves in the arms race. The robocall problem has exploded, because cheap software makes it easy to make mass Kohl's and scammers. Many of whom are overseas don't care, if you've added your number two, the government's do not call list that small Washington. Allston school. District's new thick said, curriculum may be blocked by a new state law. It has to do with Senate Bill twenty two which bans governmental agencies including school districts from doing any business with abortion providers and ASD's new sex, Ed curriculum drawn up by Planned Parenthood. The plan continues to receive pushback from numerous people like former teacher, Carolina, Allah, we're asking students to consider if these things are abstinence touching breasts inside the close taking their clothes off touching the buttocks and advisory committee has met this week discussing the possible impact of SP twenty two. But if the governor signs, it's likely these new sex, Ed teachings will have to be tossed out completely Patrick, Osborne, NewsRadio. He'll be Travis county deputies in the hospital after being hit by an SUV Travis. Kenny, major Craig Smith says deputy Richard Miller's was helping serve a warrant on twenty five year old Preston Molina. An men was leaving north Austin probation office, when Melina notice he ran for and made it into an SUV and try to drive off striking. Miller's Molina was arrested while Miller's was rushed to a hospital. Rick is a very fun loving guy. And inbetween moans of pain. He was still his, his normal self. So I, I know that he's going to pull through this, and he's going to be okay. Smith says willing to faces an aggravated assault on a public servant charge. Animating arrest chart following his attempt at. Getaway. John, Colleen, NewsRadio KLBJ a thirty-three. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Brandt stalled vehicle reported on one thirty five southbound at one eighty three off on the right shoulder moped south on at twenty two twenty two. There is a rack it is blocking that entrance lane into the express lane and then the left shoulder of the express lane. Also dealing with the reported reckon three sixty southbound at stone lake boulevard, and we have that overturned eighteen Wheeler that continues to block lanes on toll thirty north at blue bluff road. Your next report's at eight forty five. I'm Melinda Brandt with Austin's on time traffic you ruled. Guests your tools of met their match right now. The Home Depot has Father's Day savings on the ego fifty six volt cordless, trimmer in blower combo kit, just two hundred forty nine.

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