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With disabilities to use their allotted respite benefits during school hours. Michelle Thorne is the mother of two Children with autism. Vermont's who are like me, this means that I can have somebody in my house, helping my child attend to the lesson that is going on on the computer, which ultimately means she can continue to work and keep that secondary income coming into the Family, which I think is absolutely huge for so many families right now. Taylor Kenner up our news, 7 56 Here is detour. Dan, the man from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center. Thank you, sir. Looks like the one. The one freeway is indeed starting to bounce back. We had jumped up to about a 37 minute ride. I'm wanna one because that crash its seventh Street was blocking the center lane of the crash is clear. All lanes reopened and the delay well, it's not clear, but it's subsiding. 19th Avenue through seventh Street, moderate to heavy slowing and it is thinning out. Let's just not have any secondary crashes, and we'll be all right. In the meantime, though, we do have some other problems in the way of racks once a wreck on the North bound Seventh Beeline Highway north of the Bush highway. It's off left, 59th Avenue's closed north and South Moan at Thunderbird for a crash. Try 51st Avenue or 67th Avenue and also Camelback at Miller wrote a crash and now came Greek at Union Hills. Another wreck there. This travel report brought to you by craft P three portable protein packs. Try craft P three portable protein packs up to 13 G of protein from meat, cheese and nuts. And with convenience on the go packaging P three is there for your commute. Whenever you need a boost of energy featured and Katie are news high today expected to be 94. That's nice. We're gonna be 100 tomorrow Be sunny. Both days. Look for a clear night tonight with a low of 69.

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