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That weren't weren't actually true. Other pharmaceutical companies piled into this big drawn distributors and a national drugstores looked the other way even when amounts were going out their doors. That clearly weren't way out of scale for the needs for the needs of the community. So when i when. I look at this at actually scares me more. Broadly about our system. Because it's not just the sackler is were able to walk away and keep most of their their fortune. It's that so much of the system less complicit in this and even today know part of the system is really stepping up to to fix the problem. we've been left with which is a gigantic opioid epidemic that is claiming tens of thousands of. Lives here yeah. I think you're absolutely right. Reminds me of the movie spotlight. When they say it takes a village to rape a child and all those complicit element that contributed to generally get away with literally murder because he's a villain and in this case the sackler family rightly source on. I'm the last one to try to the fan. But as you said they are the front end of a village that murder hundred thousand people many in that village who benefited. They don't pay anything and actually they're now on the inside of saying attack the sackler but until yesterday there were beneficiaries of their largesse. I will add more thoroughly the entire university system because a lot of people in the university got money from the sackler family and that money help legitimize the use of opioid or all along the way. It's a pretty ugly. It's a pretty ugly village and then you wonder why people don't trust it vaccines right now. That's actually a really interesting parallel when you look at what happened. In the opioid epidemic in the way in which the fda was complicit in this and then we say trust. The fda approved the vaccine unnamed. I'm i'm vaccinated to beat to beat to be clear on the huge fan and proponents of the vaccines. But i get people have have some skepticism. We have done a lot of in to undermine trust and institutions in which we need to have unpolished. I trust so the the big news of the week. At least the sport world is that live and massey. Who used to play for bacelona agree to a two year contract for one hundred and four million dollars for party sandra men but the more interesting fact is not only that he's pay so much is that actually he do not wanna leave. He was ready to a set. A fifty percent cut in his salary in order to st l. Playing with bacelona and barcelona could not afford even reduce salary for for messy and so he had to leave at any was crying when the announced but i think he was emended and i think he's reminder that money is important but especially when you have a lot is not the only thing in the world yeah although it does seem like it was in the end the most important thing to hand unless i misreading this and i i could very well be because i know nothing about sports whatsoever that he could have taken a seventy five percent pay-cut if he really didn't he still would have made plenty of money so in the end there was a tipping point for him and and i'm not saying there shouldn't be there would be for all of us right but in the end there was a tipping point for him at at at at which the money was the most important thing the price for everything but the fact that it was willing to sacrifice tenth of millions of dollars to play for his favorite team means that that accountable something it does contra something i guess i always get a little bit skeptical when somebody could have made one hundred million dollars in instead. They're making fifty million dollars. I mean can't you still buy everything in everything that it would even cost your mind possibly want so..

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