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Burgers starter left hander. Wade Miley walked leadoff, man. Cody Bellinger on five pitches. And boom, he was gone. I've ever seen this Miley gives up a leadoff walk. And they took him out. Mike works. I just don't I don't even try to process. Trying to process. Joe buck, and John Smoltz on Fox Sports one that was a plan by the way before the game Miley restored. He would face the lefty Bellinger and then get yanked. He'll be back to start game six. This is modern baseball. Folks would the right hander was brought in Bellinger stole. Second Turner, hit by a pitch struck out. Freezing got Machado on a shattered bat double play ground ball. No scores. Head to the third LA Kershaw going for the dodgers Machado, by the way was fined by major league baseball for kicking. Hey, Seuss Aguilar's foot on a play at first in the tenth inning of last night's dodger win a totally Bush moved tonight game for the Red Sox up to one send out Porcelli in Houston against Charlie. Morton and old Derek Anderson. Newly signed by the Buffalo Bills to mentor. Just Josh Allen will start Sunday for the bills at Indianapolis. Allen has a sprained right elbow. Oh Anderson hasn't played nearly two years. You're telling me that Derek Anderson would be a better solution for an NFL team to bring in there. Then Colin Kaepernick. I don't know sports at fifteen and forty five and all news one. Oh, six nine AM seven forty case. This is firefighter Raphael..

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