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Next a documentary directed by the brother of a woman who was given a fifteen year mandatory minimum sentence, not because she was dealing drugs. But because she was dating a drug dealer. The film looks at the toll her prison term took on their family a new play that looks at the relationship between dreaming time and freedom after a long prison sentence. Amalfi Stewart stay with us all of it will be back after the news. One hour. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm jim. Largest hospitals in Panama City, Florida have shut down and are evacuating hundreds of patients due to hurricane damage as NPR's Debbie Elliott reports even basic services like water and communications are largely unavailable. So they're just all kinds of challenges facing emergency responders, and the people that remain in Panama City, you know, they've got a boil water notice going on right now, there's very little if any cell phone service emergency responders are saying they're having communication problems, and that's hampering their recovery efforts. There are just all of these problems that need to be overcome before the actual recovery. Can begin Debbie Elliot reporting.

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