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Come on bang. But this ties to what you were saying a moment ago, Leslie, which is just like you hit a certain age, right? And you're gonna express your frustrations, your desires, your needs, your curiosities, the way that you need to. Yes. And that's what this is. That's what this is. And that's what this song is. That's what this paragraph about that song is. So Misha, that's exactly what you're talking about with the wetness. Can I pull that? Can I pull back the curtain for a second on what it's like to cover a Beyoncé album? 'cause I think the American has a problem. Part of it is really funny, right? So the tracklist comes out, right? And you see that Beyoncé has a song called America has a problem. And your first thought is like, oh man, this is it. This is like Black Panther Beyoncé. Like, here we go. Let's do this. Exactly. And you start scrambling, right? As a newspaper that covers Beyoncé. That's what we do. You start scrambling and you say, all right, what are we gonna do with Beyoncé's political anthem? And then you see the lyrics and you see that Atlanta based legend pioneer kilo is involved, right? And then immediately you think, okay, kilo also has a song called America has a problem, but it's about cocaine. Cocaine. And it's frankly, it's a conscious rap based song from 1990, early 90s, and then your brain is scrambled and you're like, what is Beyoncé gonna do here? And then you turn it on and all she's gonna do is talk about her wetness. And drugs, but not in the way that kilo Ali was. I loved that fake out and I love that Wesley called out the fake out and almost pretty much led his review with it. I feel like we should go. I just checked on eBay, I believe that the kilo Ali T-shirt that I have been following on eBay has been purchased unfortunately. I was going to say it would be nice if someone got that for me. There's another kilo, like a tank top, I don't know if I like this one as much as the one that appears to be gone. I'm very frustrated. Someone got a hold of the fiance credits and just got on eBay and scooped it up. So anyway, salute to that person. Thanks to everybody, this is one hell of a talk. Joe coscarelli, John Perez, Solomon Michelle, Leslie Morris. That is our show. Listen to every podcast ever at NY times dot com slash podcast, get in the Facebook group, tiny URL dot com slash podcast Facebook, get in the Discord, tiny URL dot com slash podcast Discord, email us, podcasts and a lot of times dot com with your Beyoncé sidebars, tangents, takes, and feels. Subscribe to podcasts anywhere you get your audio content, Apple, Spotify, stitcher, Google, et cetera, et cetera, are producer on this Sunday Night, as always, is Pedro rosato from head stepper media. We'll be back next week. America has a problem and Beyoncé is gonna dance about it. Let's listen to it. See you next week.

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