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On Thursday. All four seasons in one day. That's wild. It's beautiful. You know, you don't know whether to get anymore firewood, though. It's just smart. How's your firewood hunting coming? I went to yours. Grocery outlet the other name not bragging made a couple of bucks. I could afford cheap groceries. And I got they had firewood there. Right. So make okay, we'll get firework. Maybe it'll be you know, is on sale, right? They wanna get rid of it. Maybe I'll get some firewood. Just in case it gets cold again between now and July, and we'll have a fire. So I bought some firewood. I get home, and my my why. Says we just at the market buying firewood. Yeah. You know that he's my one of my friends. Text me says you bought enough firewood to burn down Burbank. You can't go anywhere. I said I said, Jen. Can you imagine where I call my friend, George Martin who lives in Burbank and say I just saw your wife by enough mascara or enough ruse in Burbank to paint the whole olive avenue. Can you imagine me saying that why would somebody text that to someone? I saw him by enough firewood to bird them, Burbank. Happy face grocery sign who does that. I wanna now you're a big celebrity here very much, but that big enough where you can mode me don't mode me. Oh, they mode. They mo- moded. I got I was moded. Burn bag. I relied on KFI AM six forty bender. The mother of a missing eight year old boy from corona has appeared in court in riverside. But Jillian Godfrey did not enter a plea the child cruelty charges. He's facing. The boy's father.

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