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Listening to the National League championship series on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. We go to the bottom of the third inning here. Rebel walkie, Dan shoulder. Chris single to this game seven of the NFL CS of the dodgers have a two to one lead or the brewers Christian yelich children to the bottom of the first reveal walkie, Cody Bellinger, two run Homer in the top of the second for the dodgers. You'll be seen is out of the game. Josh Hader, just pitched the top of the third three up with a couple of strikeouts. Walker? Bueller on the mound for the dodgers has Lorenzo Cain. Leads off the bottom half of the inning. And he'll take the first pitch high ball one. He Hernandez stays of the game at second base after pinch hitting for Jack Petersen. Chris Taylor moves from second to left. Cain yelich Braun. For the brewers here. Bottom three and the pitch fastball. That's a little bit low. So he just just I am just slow at it's two balls. No strikes looking out to the dodger Pentagon. Nobody throwing should they be really. But this is game seven. But there are a couple of guys waving their arms around doing some stretching some twists just gotta stay loose that you O'Kane show spot post the back-back really taking all the way and he takes a strike to and one again among those in the dodger bullpen tonight Clayton Kershaw who went seven innings it gained five three days ago, the two one and there's a Suada base hit a right field. PK Hernandez was moving to his right up the middle on the pitch of the ball shot. Right by his left into right field. A single for Kane. Well, I mean there was anticipation there by KiKi Hernandez thinking that as the ball was going through the zone, then he was going to be hit. But Lorenzo Cain. You'll he's got a different kind of swing and sometimes he inside out to the ball Savell bed. Had I don't want say the wreck site spin. But it had some good sites been fade and pretty sharp by be curious to hear from KiKi what he soft the back because it had some strange action leaving the band. So now Christian yelich who electrified the crowd with a line drive home run to right in the first city. Cain with speed. I in the first pitch swing and a ground ball weekly hit too short, but Chato will step on second hand throat. A I in time to get yelich by step and just like that a big double-play turned by the dodgers. That was interesting as the ball kind of bouncing on the mound and hit the mound, and then instead of continuing to take Pop's it just sort of scooted towards Machado which enabled the ball. Got there. A little bit quicker. You don't normally double up Christian yelich? Let's the balls hit pretty hard. That was a hit that hard. But they got a fortunate palm off the dirt around the mound and it got to Machado quicker. You know, interesting Machado who's got long strides reached out with his left leg as far as he could. But didn't get his foot on top of the bag. Kind of just nudge the outside of his foot barely up against the side of the base before making the throw the brewers had a look at it in their video Ruben decide if they wanted to challenge they waited off eventually but a very good play by Machado. Chest did enough to get his foot up against the side of the bag. So that's a big double play. And here's Ryan Braun who takes a called strike. One of those kind of in between plays. If you're a shortstop deandre handed to the second basement or take it yourself. Machado made the right play and a good play and had plenty of arm to get yellow. Ron grounded out back in the first two one dodgers now bottom of the third. The one on the way a swing a foul or two. Mueller still up there as high as ninety nine miles an hour with that fast. Marquette. It's a rookie. You mentioned that last start for him in game. Three seven innings gave up four runs and three of those coming late, but very very dominant. And I know we give six innings three runs. Quality star is here's the O two up in. Activity now with a dodger man, it's a left-hander not Clayton Kershaw. Alex. Wood has started to throw. Down on the basis anti bulish doing well leading to one another. We has given up four hits two-thirds just got a double play goal wanted to on Braun. Lines at works in a breaking ball down at a way to give Kershaw or maybe we should say when I saw consider the game. Obviously extremely unlikely you'd have to get hot fast coming to the middle of an inning in a situation. Alex wood is the guy who can do that. He is. We're just both a starter. And a reliever Kershaw would be much more likely to get a clean it. Ju balls two strikes on wrong. Pitch all the way in a fastball. Swung on and missed another one at ninety nine and that'll be that for the brewers though runs it. Nobody left were at the end of three Hibbard game seven with the dodgers leading to two one. This is the National League championship series on ESPN radio and the ESPN app presented by by. Autozone. Navy Federal Credit Union. We help our members execute missions every day like.

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