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Tom lowers his is his lashes a silent apology against his cheeks i have to learn my lesson miss i'm sorry thom removes his shirt and i stand behind him running a surgical pin will up and down his back i make him recite his lines over and over when he fumbles oppress the sharp metal teeth of the pinwheel into his skin until it pink comes for me until he gasps for me what am i after ten minutes he's learned the lines for the scene perfectly so i kissed the marks trailing down his back is such a good boy i say god i am i mean i guess coleman i just it's got say words oh my god all right well those are travels i joe's oh my gosh jesus in heaven i mean fine okay ultimately the listeners have the final say on who is one fund fake walls who's drbble do you prefer do you do you like nicole's thome with some pin wheels and pink skin i'm really using the words you use in your drive will all would you like to kind of go for a walk and have tom work out the kinks in your play i don't know jesus christ i just trying to i'm was smith nicole okay i drove pictures with words ultimately we're going to put up both of these options in poll on twitter account you can find us on twitter at first aid kits and you can essentially pick wherever your brain is that on the day.

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